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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2022121
This is a synopsis of a short story about a dying breed of Fairies.

Plight of the Sylphs: The Sylphs were a beautiful and everlasting race of fairies that inhabited the world in the sky and clouds. Whenever they went down to human cities, they would flaunt their mystical skills and inspire humans to emulate them. The humans would praise Sylphs and treat them as Gods and Goddesses. Statues and temples were built in their name and, for a time, all was well until the Sylphs suddenly became sick. Uncertain as of what to do, the Sylph leaders watched in horror as the numbers of their people began to dwindle drastically. Aware that human’s suffered a similar ailment, the remaining Sylphs went down to the land of humans and realized that for some unforeseen reason they had become susceptible to mortality (a concept they had never dealt with before). Among the group of the remaining Sylph survivors was Misald A’thiq who acted as head of research for the Sylphan Empire. With the responsibility of trying to find a cure for the Sylphs, Misald was often times stressed and dissatisfied even when he made a significant amount of progress. In four centuries, the only amount of progress Misald was able to make before the Sylphs died out was create a hybrid race of Sylphs and humans which he called Nymphs.

Misald A’thiq- Misald was the “Last of the Sylphs” and creator of the three Sylphan artifacts Stellara, Igniseril, and Provisora. Alone in the world with no one to console him, Misald worked tirelessly knowing that the end of his days grew near. Determined not to leave the world without imparting a sign of the Sylphs existence, Misald resolved to creating three artifacts that displayed the finesse and ingenuity of Sylph craftsmanship. It was Misald’s hope that one day individuals (whether they were human or nymph) would use the tools to bring about a new era of improved living for the races that the Sylphs were leaving behind. With the help of his Nymph children, Misald was able to complete his work and store the artifacts in the temples of abandoned human cities.

3 Artifacts
Stellara(Amulet of the Garrison): Stellara was the first of the Sylphan artifacts. When used it bestows the gift of resilience. The original purpose of Stellara was to use its inner workings to choose individuals with unquestionable honesty to fortify structures that could last many years under most condition.

Igniseril(Gauntlets of the Flame General): Igniseril was the second of the Sylphan artifacts. When used it bestows the gift of might. The original purpose of Igniseril was to use its inner workings to choose a strong and righteous being to help guide the many.

Provisora(Mask of the Vigilant Ruler): Provisora was the third and final Sylphan artifact. When used it bestows the gift of foresight. The original purpose of Provisora was to use its inner workings to choose a being pure of heart to rule over all. When used the mask takes away a beings sight and gives them a third eye of clairvoyance.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2022121