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This newsletter is about Victorian Christmas.
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Victorian Christmas Newsletter
Editor: Megan Princess Megan Rose
Assistant Editor: Angel Angel

Merry Christmas Everyone! Angel and I have been doing newsletters for 12 years. Where does the time go? Is everyone ready for Christmas? Angel and I are. We decided to write about Victorian Christmases. This is an era that I would have loved to live in. The fashions, the times, the spirit and England. I would have loved to have lived in Victorian England. Angel has this to say.

Hello Everybody. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I did some research on how the Victorian Era celebrated their Christmas.

At the beginning of the Victorian Era, Christmas was hardly celebrated at all in Britain. However, by the end of the period, it was considered to be the biggest and most important annual celebration in the Victorian Era. The Victorians started the popular Christmas activities we have today. Many people think Prince Albert was responsible for shaping how Christmas was celebrated by British Victorian families. He was born in Germany. In Germany, evergreen trees were traditionally bought into the home at Christmas time and decorated with candles, sweets and fruits. In 1848, the royal family were pictured celebrating a Christmas around such a decorated tree and the fashion for Christmas trees caught on.

Thank you Angel for sharing.

Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire from 1837 to 1901.In the 1840's, Christmas was celebrated and new customs came about. Christmas trees and Christmas carols became a tradition.

Christmas had ceased to exist or be celebrated until the 1840's. Why did Christmas become popular again in Queen Victoria's time? The Oxford movement, a religious reform in church came about and pictures of the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert celebrating Christmas was an inspiration. Charles Dickens Christmas Carol story helped renew the Christmas spirit.

The Victorians always had their Christmas feast. Roast turkey, goose and plum pudding were always favorite dishes. The table at Christmas became the centerpiece of the Victorian Festival.

Charity benefits were set up to help the poor at Christmas. Food and money were donated to the Work Houses. Gifts were given to servants by their employers.

Father Christmas bought gifts to children and Christmas trees became a symbol of Christmas.

Beloved Christmas songs inspired others to celebrate Christmas as well as remembering it was Jesus' Birthday.

By the 1860's, Christmas cards were being sent to friends and Christmas Crackers with prizes inside were given to friends and relatives and became a tradition.

The mistletoe became a tradition where a woman or man stands underneath the mistletoe and receives a kiss from someone of the opposite sex, Christmas wreaths became popular.

With Christmas coming back into fashion in the 1840's, it seems only fair that it be called Victorian Times. I think that it a perfect name for this era and a way to honor Queen Victoria.

Angel and I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. We wish you a Merry Christmas. All Sigs done by Angel.

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