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Needing to write poetry, but running out of ideas - a poem about creativity.
A most insightful human being,
Acknowledged to have one
Of the most fabulous skill sets;
An uncommon wisdom rife
With imagination, honor, precision,
And unparalleled visions -
Likely belonging
To a writer, inventor, or businessperson;
Or to a warrior engaged in a highly competitive,
Grueling, and instinctive debacle... 
That time-tested,
Triumphant, astute trooper
Known as creativity... 

These prodigious men and women
Seem a stone's throw away
From embarrassment or shame,
Yet are fully engaged in that unique realm
Of demands, needs, and desires, 
Whose immediacy and will
Must be placated
To achieve a highly sought-after
Reward, advantage, or gain.

Their stress-laden struggles 
Benefit immensely
From their kind and gratifying spark;
A completely new and thought-provoking idea 
So special and rare
That angels appear to be dancing overhead.

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