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To boldly go where no one wants to!
            "Space the final frontier .. These are the voyages of the
            star ship Enterprise. Its mission : to boldly go where
            no one wants to go. Spock. How long until we orbit Nabbuu?"
            Captain James Tiberius Kirk turns to his science officer,
            pivoting his commander's chair.
            "We are in orbit. Nabbuu is a class m planet; identical to Earth.
            It is ruled by warring tribes, who have a fanatical belief in one God."

            "Captain's log. The Federation has ordered an investigation
            of our sister planet Nabbuu. Their supply of dilithium crystals
            has been interrupted. Nabbuu is not a member of the Federation
            and no treaty to excise exits." Kirk switches off the recorder in his
            commander's chair.

            "Uhura. Has the Chief Priest responded?" the captain looked to his
            communications officer. . "No response sir. I'm not picking up any
            communication signals on the planet." Kirk rubbed the back of his head.
            "Spock. .. What can you scan?" 

            "There are many cities in ruins and the population is scattered.
            There has appeared to be a global war with the use of weapons of
            mass destruction. Radiation levels are nominal." Spock stood up from
            his station.  "There is a massive energy field approaching the ship."

            "Shields up! Pull out of orbit!" Kirk commanded .. The star ship shook
            as the energy field struck. "Red carpet treatment. Spock... You said
            there were no cities." "Yes. Captain, but there are still military instillations."
            Spoke answered with a raised eye brow.

            "Well, they wont answer our hail and they fired on us.
            Mr. Sulu fire an e-m pulse at that instillation. .. Let's see how advanced
            they are. .. And Uhura.. try all frequencies .. I... must.." Kirk is interrupted
            by another energy burst on the hull of the Enterprise.

            "Shields holding." Sulu answered and returned fire with the e m pulse.
            "Spock. An energy field that strong at this distance?" Kirk queried.
            "Yes captain. The Nabbuu people have a massive supply of dilithium
            crystals. They could strike at Earth." Spock replied.

            "Uhura." Kirk clenched his fist as another energy field approached.
            "Captain the Chief Priest Sirus is responding." Uhura adjusted her receiver.
            The energy field dissipated. "Put him on the viewer." Kirk looked at the
            Egyptian face of the High Priest. He wore the make up of an ancient
            Egyptian Pharaoh. "Why have you fired on us?" Kirk began.

            "We have suffered many years of war. Our planetary defense system
            incorrectly identified your ship has hostile. I have corrected it.
            I am the supreme ruler of Nabbuu and any trade will be negotiated through
            me." Sirus spoke waving his sacred shepherd's staff.
            "I am Captain James Kirk of the Federation ship Enterprise.
            We welcome your invitation and offer for new trade. I and my second
            in command would like to beam down to you .." Kirk smiled at the image
            of Sirus.

            "It would be my pleasure." Sirus replied and the screen was blank.

            "Get Bones to the transporter. Spock. You might have lived longer
            on a science station." Kirk winked at his science officer.
            "Perhaps. But, my curiosity would never be satisfied." Spock replied coldly.
            Bones, the ships doctor, was waiting at the transporter.

            The High Priest was waited upon by bare breasted slave girls in a temple
            that resembled an Egyptian palace.
            "Will you sit and have some figs?" Sirus waved his staff to the chairs.
            The captain sat with his away team.
            "How will we address you?" Kirk asked.
            "I am the divine Sirus. I am the son of God." Sirus answered with a toothy smile.

            "Some prisoners need to be attended to. Are you easily frightened?" Sirus
            waved his 6 foot staff and the prisoners were brought in naked and beaten.
            Spock raised his eye brow, "Do you have no mercy?"
            Sirus shook his head solomonly , "To show pity for the damned is to question
            the will of God." Each prisoner was beheaded with a single blow from a sword.
            Bones looked over to Kirk, "Can we trade with this?"

            "Bones we are not here to police Nabbuu.
            That is a violation of the Prime Directive of noninterference.
            Your eminence .. Will the shipments of dilithium crystals be
            reinstated?" Kirk ate a fig.

            Sirus gave a toothy smile and waved more prisoners into the marble hall.
            They were naked women holding their babes. The women were beheaded
            and their babes skulls cracked on the marble floor. Bones coughed as he
            nearly choked on a fig. Sirus laughed silently as Spock performed a
            a Vulcan nerve pinch on Bones to dislodge the fig.

            "Right... " Kirk paused as the bodies were dragged away.
            "The Federation has no capital punishment." he paused again as
            bare breasted slave girls cleaned the floor on their hands and knees.
            Kirk rubbed his mouth and chin, "Will the price be the same?"
            Sirus laughed like a lion, "I will ask only for one more thing..
            You must worship me as your God."

            Kirk stood up, His away team stood behind him.
            "We have no need for Gods." he said and called his ship to beam him up.
            There was no response. "Your communication with your ship has been blocked.
              I have within my staff of power and the authority to burn your planet to a cinder.
            Will you worship me?" Sirus ate another fig and clapped his hands.
            The slave girls surrounded Kirk and his away team.

            "If I clap my hands again, These slave girls will kill with their daggers.
            Kneel before me and be my slave." Sirus laughed and sipped some wine.
            "Well, Jim what do we do now?" Bones glared at Kirk.
            The ground began to shake. Sirus flipped open a computer panel in his
            throne. "Kill the son of bitch!" Kirk shouted. Spock threw his hidden Vulcan
            knife, hitting Sirus between his eyes. He fell backward into his throne dead.
            The slave girls dropped, prostrating themselves before Kirk.

            Kirk reopened his communicator, "Thank you Scotty! That was an impressive
            earth quake." "We aim to please. Sir, will be taking control of the government?"
            Scotty asked. "That is a problem for the Council of Planets. Just beam me up
            Scotty." Kirk and his away team vanished amongst the fawning slave girls.

            "Captain you have violated the Prime Directive and altered the evolution of
            an entire planet." Spock remarked as they stood on the bridge of the
            Enterprise. "Would you rather be stabbed to death by bare breasted slave girls?"
            Kirk smirked . Bones was sullen. "Bones? Do I detect a rebuke?" Kirk queried.
            "If we had stopped that mad man sooner, think of the lives we could have saved."
            Bones turned away and walked to the elevator. Kirk rubbed his neck, "Sulu..
            take us home."


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