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Formerly known as Bloody Mary, she walks the streets in the country Jermyn once again.
They saw me when I dumped his body. Their shocked faces went white with fear. I was behind them in the blink of an eye and I pressed my two knives to their necks. One managed to get out a small hoarse "Please," before I slit their throats simultaneously.
Their bodies collapsed to the ground, I didn't waste any time, grabbing both bodies by their hair and dragging them to the side of the river. I hefted one on to my shoulder and tossed it into the river, doing the same thing with the other body. I watched for a moment as the rushing water carried them away. I hadn't even gotten a good look at their faces. I let out a small sigh, but I still had no regrets.
I turned and started to wipe away the drag marks, wiping away blood and any other evidence that I had been there. Then I was gone, running through the woods, making sure to leave no trace behind.
When the ground changed from dirt to hard gravel I slowed. I followed the road to Shane, one of the largest cities in Jermyn. My black cloak snapped in the wind as I stormed the streets. People took one look at me and made room for me. The lights from inside the shops lining the street cast an eerie glow, making the dark moon look harmless. I turned to the right at the end of the street, where the stores changed to houses. At the end of the street was a white two story house. Any other day I might have stopped to admire the flowers and other plants that surrounded the house, making it look like a small dot in a jungle, but I was in no mood to stand still for more than two seconds.
I stormed into the house, the door banging close behind me. Jeffrey, an old balding man, jumped to his feet, startled, from the chair that sat in front of the fire place. "Miss-", he stammered, but my look cut him off short. "Where is he?" I demanded. He lowered his eyes as he pointed to the door opposite of him. I walked over there and slammed the door open, eyes scanning the room.
It was a study, the walls lined with bookcases. A desk sat directly in front of me and lounged in it was Daniel Rane. His black curly hair made his green eyes bright and the combination of his strong jaw line and his thick muscles made him look deadly handsome. His clothes were dark and the sleeves ripped.
Three girls in flimsy outfits surrounded him, their hands sliding beneath his clothing and into his hair. His eyes slid over me in a predatory way as I stormed up to his desk.
"Mary," he murmured. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" Amusement flickered in his eyes.
Fury seeped from every pore in my body as I said "You told someone about me."
He raised his eyebrows in mock surprise and all I wanted to do was strangle him. "Now why would I do that? I know better than anyone not to mess with you. You'll sooner cut my eyes out then let me tell someone about you."
I turned my gaze of fury at the girls surrounding him and one took a step back from my gaze. I glanced back at him and growled, "I would like to talk to you alone." He waved his hands at the girls, signaling them to leave and they filed out, leaving sighs in their wake.
When the door shut behind them, he stood up and walked to the side of the room pulling a glass and a bottle of scotch from a cabinet. He half-turned to me and waved the scotch with raised eyebrows. I shook my head. "Yes, I forgot you don't drink. You should learn to let loose more often," he commented. When I refused to answer he let out a small sigh, returning to his desk, sitting down. He gestured for me to take a seat in front of his desk. I complied, setting myself down at the edge of the wooden chair.
"I was in the tavern when I heard someone say my name," I said, wasting no time.
"Mary, you are famous, so famous they literally call you Bloody Mary. Of course there are going to be people who talk about you." He took a sip of scotch.
"No, this is different," I growled. "He was talking about how he heard from a source that the famous Bloody Mary was still alive. Bragging about how he knew I was still alive, and escaped death." I stared at Rane's face, looking for any sign of emotion, but there was nothing.
"Of course people will talk like that, they want to impress others, brag, make themselves seem bigger and more important than they are. You can't get worked up over simple stuff like that," he said in a tone that made him sound like he was talking to a child.
I glowered. "He knew something he shouldn't have. Something only you and I know. You are the only one who knows I'm alive." His lips tightened, but he said nothing.
"I followed him," I continued, "questioned him, but he knew nothing else. He's dead now, in case you were wondering." If he was angry, surprised, or even a little sad at this fact he didn't show it.
"I would expect nothing less from you," he said with a faint smile. I snorted.
"Who else did you tell?" I snarled.
"I told no one, I have no idea how he knew about you." I didn't believe him for one second. My hand reached for one of my sheathed knives on my belt. He made a tsk-tsk sound as his body guards seemed to slide out of the shadows, surrounding me.
He set his glass on the desk and said calmly, "You know better than that my dear Mary. Should I punish you?" I stiffened and wiped my face of any emotion.
"It seems I am in the position of saying sorry," I said quietly. He grinned and waved his body guards away. They melted into the shadows. "I forgive you my dear Mary. You are on edge of course, perfectly understandable." There was a dangerous glint in his eye when he said more quietly, "But remember to be careful, dear Mary. You are on my turf, and I will do whatever it takes to keep myself safe. You know I am not above murder and of course, if necessary," he paused, "I can apply the theory that there are worse things than death, to get what I want."
I felt a chill run down my back as he ran his eyes over my body. I had no doubt he could make regret ever crossing him, and he would not hesitate to do so. "I suggest you leave now before you truly test my temper," he said, nodding towards the door.
"If you hear anything about the rumors concerning me please let me know immediately," I said stiffly.
He nodded, a slow smile spreading across his face. I turned on my heel and marched out. Jeffery stood by the door, watching me warily. He pulled open the door as I walked out, taking the steps on the porch two at a time, and the darkness swallowed me.
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