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This song gives examples of things that get people down and tells us how to say "No more!"

You're in a dark room,

For the first time.

You can't help,

But closin' your eyes..

You start to freak out,

Then you start to shout..

You're all alone here.

Nothin' but you and your tears.

But, you gotta be strong,

Cuz life still goes on..


You gotta open up.

Show em' whatcha made of.

And don't be discouraged.

Just take my hand,

You'll understand finally

What some things in this world

Can actually mean to you..


Don't take it out on yourself,

But don't blame it on everyone else.

You're gonna show em' someday

That you have somethin' to say.

And once they know they were wrong,

We can probably all get along,

Cuz it's a world full of chances.


You're in the classroom

And you're all depressed.

They're makin' fun of you,

But you don't know it yet.

You gotta get by,

Look em' straight in the eye,

But you're scared that if you do,

They're gonna hurt you.


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