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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2022820
A legend to explain something of the creation story of a fantasy world of my creation.
Herein lies a rather crude translation (for which I offer my most humble apologies) of an ancient document for which I gave much of my life’s efforts to locate. Before I finally laid my hands on the tome, it had only been spoken of very rarely and mostly as if it was a fantastic myth. But still, I, Valaren, felt it worth the effort to find its whereabouts. Finally, after much journeying and investigation, I located it  amongst the most ancient records in the sacred precinct of the most foremost city of the Worldspine Dwarves. It was written in a very ancient runic script, which even with the aid of venerable dwarves, it was very difficult to render accurately in the common tongue. However, I have done my best, for the sake of the one who originally scribed the record.
         Now a word about the one who is said to have scribed it, and I must hope that you who read this account have at least an openness to believe its source, let alone its valuable contents. It was said to have been written by the Fifth Saint, who on returning with a powerful artifact, the Pen of Interpretation, a sacred artifact fashioned of iron by the Goddess herself, was able under its inspiration, to give an accurate translation of otherwise unintelligible records of the Ancients.
         Anyhow, without further ado, I begin the tale. Aside from attempting the most accurate translation of its contents, I have took to abridge it somewhat and add embellishment to give understanding to the rendering for the sake of the reader.

         Before there ever was a world wherein mortals dwelt, there was the divine realm in which the gods resided. How long this realm existed, or even if it could be reckoned in any terms akin to mortal time, it cannot be said. In this realm, amongst the gods, there was one who was the Goddess of Life. All the gods had certain characters and domains befitting the way they were. This Goddess of Life, as befits her title, gave birth to twin sons. As the sons grew, it became apparent that although they looked almost identical, they were quite different in their characters.
         The Firstborn was named Darkstorm (though this was not his true name, only a title), for he was passionate and impetuous at times, although deeply compassionate - a lot like his mother. The Second became the one who was known later as Sunderer, though at the time of his youth, he acquired no title.
         In time, Sunderer became jealous of his elder brother, and sought a way to better him. In nature, he was quieter but more introspective and devious. In talk with the Trickster, he devised a plan by which he would take away his brother's sight, so that Darkstorm could not longer enjoy all the pleasures and beauties of the divine realm.
         Trickster had suggested it actually, a way to temporarily blind him. Taking him aside alone, he tricked him and with a special powder given him, he blinded his brother. Oh, the scream of pain that his brother let out! He was afraid that he would be discovered. Expecting it to be only for a time, he led him about to a lonely place, and before long left him.
         In the darkness and loneliness of his blindness, Darkstorm first became angry and wished to get his brother back, but as time wore on, realising he was not going to be able to do anything in his state, he sat down, waiting and hoping that he would be found.
         Many days went by, and Darkstorm was alone. In his lonely darkness, he became bored. He began to imagine a world for himself, and little did he realise but actually this world began to come into existence about him. He dreamed up a world hanging in space, and two suns - one golden, the other crimson, by which the world would be illuminated, and in his dream he descended into his world and began to shape a whole realm for himself to dwell upon. He was pleased with what he saw in his blindness.
         In time, his brother came to see what had become of his brother, wondering why it had been so long and he had not returned. When he came upon him, he spoke to his brother. His brother surprised him as he begun to relate something of what he saw in his blindness, a whole world that Sunderer had no part in! Oh, the shame of realising that somehow his brother once again was better than him!
         Leaving his brother in disgust, he went away sulking, and once more the Trickster met him on the way. He laughed some, and when Sunderer wondered why he laughed, he finally said, "How could you not think of it yourself? Do you not have some of my secret powder left? Blind yourself, and see if maybe you could see what your brother sees!"
         Immediately he drew out the powder, but before throwing it in his own eyes, he wondered, "What if I blind only one of my eyes? Maybe it would work." Still wondering if maybe the powder's effects were only temporary, he closed one eye and quickly threw what powder he had left in his right eye. The pain was excruciating! He had not imagined how painful it would be.
         But once it had settled down, he walked back to his brother, with what sight he still had with his left eye, and sat beside him quietly. Closing his left eye, he wondered what he would see with his blinded right eye. Suddenly, the vista opened up before him of the world that his brother had created!
         It was amazing and dazzling, and by this time, his world was people with diverse races of peoples. The two lights of the suns gave ample light to the world, and he even noticed how the creatures threw two shadows!
         In time however he realised that although he could see what his brother had created, he had no power over it! It angered him. Opening his eye, he rose and went to find the Trickster to find out what he would counsel. "Oh, you say this world has two suns! They are bright enough, well, throw this stick into the golden sun, and it will burn seven times brighter than before!"
         Going back gleefully, he sat once more by his brother and viewed the world. He found that he was there once more, and flying down towards the golden sun, he threw the stick into the sun. Suddenly it burst into flames and grew intensely bright. Even Sunderer himself was nearly blinded as he flew away as quickly as he could!
         Darkstorm watched as his brother threw the stick in wonder! Suddenly as it flared brightly, he shielded his eyes! ARGH! Darkstorm's anger was aroused! Why had he created TWO suns anyway! Suddenly he swung a great hammer to shatter the great sun! It shattered intensely in great pieces, flying out into the void all around. Even some pieces fell towards the world.
         Suddenly chaos erupted on the earth! Trouble amongst Darkstorm's races! One of the races fled beneath the ground, and war erupted between the remainder. This chaos went on for a long time. What was Darkstorm to do? He suddenly heard his mother's voice. She must have found the brothers sitting together, and wondered what was wrong. She had not seen them for a long time.
         Hearing her voice, his beloved mother, filled his heart with joy. Yes, that was the one who would help him bring an end to chaos and restore life and peace. As he heard the voice, he envisioned her, and in the midst of the void with him, there was a woman, looking so much like his mother, yet younger, like a sister to Darkstorm. Her name was River, and she was the one who helped him and his races to bring an end to the chaos and restore the balance. She it is who gifted the races with power and knowledge and wisdom to seek for peace and bring order out of chaos.
         So ends the tale as it was found written in runes by the hand of the Fifth Saint. If only the Scarlet Sigil had not taken his life as he returned to the tunnels to the lost Citadel of Iron, all those centuries ago. May it be that one day, we will recover the way to the lost Citadel and find more of the knowledge of the forgotten past.


This letter was found amongst the belongings of the assasin who had killed Valaren on his way returning to the capital of Viridia from the Worldspine Mountains. For the heinous crime, the assasin was executed - one of the foul Scarlet Sigil.
© Copyright 2014 Robert Blake (r7blake at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2022820