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by brom21
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A prince must deal with the loss of his realm.
697 words

Looking back, Prince Salen sat as he pondered the old days-the times where the castle was full of joyful, warm hosts of divers people. He recalled the royal folk that once filled the keep parading about in gallant cloaks and dresses with vibrant colors. The Prince sighed in the cold null that filled the castle. Even the main oven stays cold which heats the main hall of the castle. 

“If only I could see the beautiful maidens and men dancing in the ball room.” He looked down and listened to the cold emptiness before he poised himself, straightened his color and raised his eyes upwards.  “But now I must look forward to the future.” He stood up and called out. “Darvy, I need help with the ingathering. The grape fields are ready for harvest in the morning.”

“Yes my lord. I will await you there.” Said a man dressed in a common tunic and trousers. His voice was crackly but there was a sincere tone in his speech. Before he turned from facing the Prince, he was addressed by his lord.

“I want you to know, I thank you for remaining one of the faithful citizens even when most of the kingdom was abandoned three years ago. Even rivers seem to be filled with unwilling salmon that loath this place. ”

“I am yours to beseech. I will always hold you and your father in honor even in is his state.”

Salen replied with a smile. “I thank you. Yet I fear that someday I may go mad like him. If that happened all those who remain will leave as well.”

Darvy replied. “Before your father the king began to do heinous things, I eschewed signs of his mental degradation that he would slip inanity. You have none of these signs. Be of good comfort.”

“Thanks Darvy,” said the prince. “I will meet you in the fields. First I must see my father.

Salen walked down the royal hall that contained a handful of people. He passed through door and hastened to his father’s chamber where Salen found him carrying on a conversation with a parrot.

“Father, do you know who I am?”

“Silence! My friend here is revealing to me a great secret; how to fly to heaven. You’d best be not listening.”

Salen’s eyes welled up with tears and he left the room. As he made his way to his own room Darvy, ran to him with a happy, hysterical vaunting.

“My lord, my lord! I have great news!”

Salen found himself shocked at his servant’s words. “What is it Darvy?”

“I have found the cure to your father’s illness!”

“How can such a thing be?”

“Let me explain,” said Darvy catching his breath. “I was walking through the courtyard to feed the horses when I was approached by Jabus the cup bearer who used to be in your father’s service. I could not believe who was with him and in his right mind. It was the one who was insane since birth, Sven the son of Thourn!’

“How could this be?”

“A magical candle-he said it would free the king from his affliction.”

“I trust your word wise servant: let us tarry no longer! To the king!”

Both men ran to the king’s chamber and he was asleep mumbling to himself.”

“We must wake him. Jabus said that he who is ill must breath the smoke from the candle and his senses will be reestablished.”

“Wake up!” Salen demanded his father in a shout.

“Whaa? Have the ghosts left the gardens yet.”

“Your majesty, sit up,” said Darvy.

Salen lit the candle and put it to his father’s nose.  The king blinked his eyes and the mad look in his face changed instantly. “Son?”         

Father! You’ve returned to us! Quick, inform all of the remaining citizens and royalty, the king has come back!”

Though there were but few who were in the kingdom, those present rejoiced at the news. Little by little the king rebuilt his kingdom. It was a process that was long yet the time came when Prince succeeded his father who had made things right. The kingdom was reborn at last.     





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