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two girls ask a boy if they can see it.
Do You Want To See It

They were sitting on the porch chatting about things.

Bobby asked “Do you want to see it?”

Becky looked over at Emily and licked her dry lips with her wet pink tongue and sort of nodded.

“We’ve never seen one before” stated Emily with a hushed tone.

“Well I can’t show it to you here” stated Bobby with an authorative voice.

“Where will you show it to us?” Becky asked as she snuggled next to her friend.

“We’ll have to go out back by the shed.  That way no one else will see.  You guys have to promise not to tell anyone that I showed you.” Bobby announced.

“We promise Bobby.  We won’t tell anyone.  Cross my heart.”
Stated Becky as she made the motion of crossing her heart with her forefinger.  Her friend with Emily did the same.

Bobby motioned to the two girls and they followed him into the rear area behind the house where there was a small red garden shed.

They went around to the back of the shed and the three of them huddled there.

That was when Bobby showed it to the two girls.

“I’ve never seen one of those before” exclaimed Becky.

With that the small green frog jumped out of Bobby’s hand.
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