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A quick poem I wrote a while back, - also I realise all adults aren't like this!
Attention Adults

I bet when you look at us you think:

'what a pointless generation.'

We’re about gadgets and gismos,

dim-witted, young, and only feeling frustration.

I guess when you look at us you think

we’re only hoodies and violence,

when the truth of the matter is

we are just hushed away in silence.

With the stereotypes and remarks,

what could young people possibly say?

With every adult sighing,

what’s he going to get up to, today?

Just 'cause some of us hang out on corner blocks,

it doesn’t mean we’re criminal.

Oh adults just don’t seem to get us,

it’ll take a bloody miracle!

Remember our hormones are raging,

We’re bound to experience foul moods,

And please don’t call me selfish,

or disregard me as rude.

Truth is: we're not lazy, arrogant or offensive.

We’re just under a lot of stress,

with no jobs available,

we’re bound to feel like such a mess.

So, perhaps you could help us,

instead of shooting us down.

You aren't perfect either,

so please take off that crown!

We understand you were young too,

and you experienced this pain,

so please try and make a difference,

And get rid of that superior reign.

(Of course, I realise not all adults and not all young people fit into this poem and this is not me being harsh to adults, or it is not intended to be! :) We can just feel a little frustrated at times, which I know adults experienced to, but my thoughts were, maybe we could stop this for further generations to come, not just ours :) )

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