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A quest for a Heavenly cause no matter how hopeless!
      "We are responsible for them.
        We taught them how to till the land
        and hunt and make skinned garments.
        It is our pledge to protect them." Raphael stated.

        "They must learn for their own good.
          It is not yet time for the gathering.
          The Lord has set the time and place.
          We must wait for His command." Gabriel answered.

        "How many centuries have we waited?" Areal replied.

        "You speak like the Serpent.
          Beware your pride Areal." Michael spoke and sipped
          a latte at the Starbucks.

        At a nearby table two men debated politics and religion.
        One argued that religion was the cause of the wars in the Middle East.
        The other believed that religion is the only hope for peace.
        They could not agree that science would solve the problems of civilization.

        "You can't believe in these fools ?" Vertigo appeared at the Angels table.
        "They are barking mad! How can you allow them to destroy this precious
        planet? We have the power to put an end to Adam's sin." Vertigo was a
        minor demon.

        Michael flared his nostrils to partake of his latte.
        "How many children do you have Vertigo?" the Arch Angel enquired.
        "Two thousand and eight hundred twenty six" he replied with a sneer.
        "I have 7 billion or more. They are the children of Adam, who I have
        sworn to defend as my own." Michael's words chilled Vertigo's blood.
        Areal bowed his head to the Arch Angel.

        "We are the Illuminati." Areal stated.

        A woman sat with the men at the next table.
        She was Hebrew and copper skinned.
        She told one of the men that she had been visited by an Angel.
        He said she would have the savior of mankind.

        Michael looked about at the other Angels ..
        They were all surprised .. Vertigo sneered, "I'm just joking."
        "You must correct this!" Raphael glared at the demon.
        "She was a lovely girl. This will be my 2,827th child." Vertigo smiled broadly.
        "Another giant?" Raphael asked wearily.

        "Oh nothing monstrous .. a Magnus with all the powers of a Mage."
        Vertigo giggled and had a bagel.
        The Angels vanished. None of the mortals had seen or heard them.
        Vertigo walked up behind his 2,827th wife and kissed her gently on her
        left cheek. "How is Miriam ?" He smiled as she hugged him.

        ^ ^
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