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My Sky Full Of Sword
My Sky Full Of Sword

With my sky full of sword
I corsage a neatly dressed storm of righteousness
May I have a moment of your time?

If you would take a step away from the star gazes and the human races
If you would faithfully remove the face of the human eyes
You could probably see their faces

It's the hidden in my heart beat
I'm not referring to the one behind the flesh's chest
I'm referring to the deepest that I truly breathe in for meaning

I tree of life this
I see many barks without me
They stand with their claws for a harmful kind of peace that's not of me

My combat clause is made to contact true hearts
I don't shoot with arrows of Cupid
Would you care with me for a moment?

As I sky full of sword, the skies begin to fall
My limitless sky is metaphoric in my kind of dispensed arsenal

I'm an unorthodox portrayal of the things that aren't suppose to be here or there
They're here and there regardless
They're also well prepared for their appropriate designation

I reside in celebration no matter what
Spiritual education was necessary for me
The Christ message of going to the father is what I now carry

Now I've set out to derail the trains that are headed for nowhere
I used to want to go there
Until a brilliance of resurrection stopped my unnecessary

By Craig Mosley (WordBladedWordedBlade)
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