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by Tienny
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Interpreting joy in Hone Life Challenges
The sunset sky out of my window intrigues me with joy. Excitedly, I took my old Olympus DSLR Camera to capture it a few times. Then I explored to use the smart phone my husband bought for me. The old DSLR Camera produce better pictures compared to the smart phone, but the files are too large. In the end, I stick to the smart phone photographs then I explored the Photobucket app to convert the photos into GIF. Explorations and experimentation drive me with joy and excitement.

During my childhood, my curiosity drove me to play with cables to see the result it produced in the television and much other electrical stuff. When I study computing, my curiosity drove me to play with the computer hardware. Therefore, this enables me to repair computer hardware and to plan and plug the cables for televisions, CD players, DVD players and much other electrical stuff. It is a fun and enjoyable experience. It is a joy to accomplish something. After I get married and my son is born ten months later, the joy of using clays and other crafts teaching methods help my four years old toddler. LAN cable route planning to my room came about when my dad showed the PVC cable cover. My husband helped to place the PVC cable cover at the top wall of our room. Then we can enjoy the internet video in our room. It is a joy to realize my curiosity and experiments lead to fruitful labours and satisfaction to others. I thank God for such curiosity attitude in me.

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