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First short story attempt.
All I could Hear were dreadful echoes, not in the black stone cavern but in my own mind. Not words or sounds of any natural contingency, just something in my head, like a worm that had dug into my brain, it just wouldn't leave! Just echoes, ringing... something calling to me. Something from outside my head but coming from inside my mind! It wants me! Beast, God? I do not know, dear lord I do not know!

Please deliver me from this unholy cesspool of darkness and despair!Now I hear echoes...no,no not just that I hear memories. Mother, father,son the man I, I shot... dear lord I shot him! His brains, staining the white walls! NO! He stole my daughter, its called justice...no,no this is not my fate... I will not be the lamb led to slaughter! I will not join the others! I will not! Will I not? No I...I.

The echoes stopped, the memories ceased. However no respite was found for my damned soul. I was enveloped in silence, then the silence brought a new terror. A dreadful ringing in my head, along with unimaginable pain tearing my head to pieces! I fell to my knees clutching my head which was fit to burst. My arms left my head and with what little strength was left in them held my body to keep away from the dead cold, stone floor. My knees rested on the flat surface, my eyes staring at the floor but seeing a blur. It was then, that ghastly moment, that ghoulish scar in times ancient tapestry which will forever stay with me, I felt it. A strange feeling, beyond logic or any reason I felt a presence, not through my eyes or ears, touch or smell or even taste. What scraps that were left of my mind knew that there was a being, an entity and it was, looking, at me. I could feel its gaze yet could not possibly known it was there or even that it saw my crumpled body! But there it was all that was left of logic could interpret that through a fabled sixth sense or some other supernatural means I sensed that, it, was in the very cavernous space that I rested in. The ringing had long since ceased yet the pain it caused came to no stretch of any cosmic or mundane measurement of comparison to that the crippling fear that had replaced it. I sat crumpled over, frozen on that ice cold floor. Unable to scream in fear or pain, unable to run. I felt compelled, I must look.

So I looked up.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2023693