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A tribute to the lost souls of Air Asia flight 8501 39 Lines, 461 words

She was lost in his eyes - a million shades of blue and gray stared back at her
His strong grip brought comfort to her frail shivering hands
His lips mouthed the words that had been said a million times
She remembered the first time he had said these words - it was 28 years ago
the world outside was lost in toasting and dancing and drinking and singing
while her world inside was careening out of control.

His kiss had brought peace to her chaos... everyone else but them had ceased to exist.
Her frail hand in his, brought a smile on his face - I'll never let go - he had said.
Together they had walked forth - man and his wife
a relation to treasure... more precious than life.
Her heart sang in joy yet her eyes itched but there was more laughter than tears.
A kiss from him, was all that was needed to put an end to all her fears.

Here they were today - 28 years later
celebrating their lives and nothing else did matter.
Though it was not the evening they expected it to be
yet it was an evening that was meant to be.

It was time to fulfill their oaths... time to love each other
till death did them part.
The world outside her was careening out of control
But the world inside her was lost in his eyes.
He leaned towards her and kissed her tears -
he knew this kiss would quell her fears.

He watched his wife - his lover for life, his soul mate, his treasure
whose smile did bring him joy and pleasure.
He held her hand - a man true to his words
it was 28 years ago when he had promised to never let it go.
With that thought he squeezed her hand just a little tighter.

The descent was rough but they knew, the ascent would be smoother
since the ascent would not be impeded by the turbulent weather
for the journey to heavens was filled with light and beauties beyond sight.

She then got lost in another set of blues... watery and billowy... not lovely as his
cold shivers ran up her spine and her body, but his hand never left hers.
She blinked once at him as he closed his eyes and then she closed hers.

Two souls started the ascent - their hands intertwined
they looked down upon their bodies - floating in the water - hand in hand
But what had they to fear for what they loved the most was near
The love that made them live - death could not take it away

Dedicated to the bodies of Air Asia 8501 passengers found in the ocean - their hands clutched even in death
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