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by Dave
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to salvation in Triquatrain form.
Round 8 Prompt 1

Trudging through frigid air without a soul to care,
in the winter of my life, when cold winds blow,
after capricious blunders ripped my dreams asunder,
down the sinner's path I go.

Lost in frosty wilderness, I can only guess
what fate awaits in this vile imbroglio,
like Rin Tin Tin sniffing around my sin,
down the path of life I go.

Suddenly, a light appears through forest's frozen tears,
showing the way to Salvation's cherished plateau.
I can see the light shining bright,
as down the path to Grace I go.

Author's note: The Triquatrain is an intriguing form consisting of four lines in each stanza with internal rhymes in the first and third lines, while the second and fourth lines have matching end-rhymes, as described in the following link: http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/triquatrain.html
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