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by Rakkit
Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2024141
It's too cold to sleep alone
Sleeping Partner

The fire burned low in its hearth and I shivered despite myself. I could feel the cold air threaten us from outside, creaking in the old wood.

“That was the last log.”

I didn’t dignify his obvious statement with an answer as I hugged my bedraggled shawl closer.

“I’m sorry, Beth…” he hesitated, that high whine I’d grown to hate over the years twisting a once handsome voice.

I stood as he trailed off and for a slight moment I felt ashamed of myself as I stared at my husband of a decade or so.

I shook my head and walked away to the small bed we hadn’t shared in years.


It took a moment to gain my bearings—not quite sure what had woke me…and then I realized it. I was warm.

Despite the warmth, I froze my movements and analyzed. There was something pressed against me. Hot breath down my neck and into the shift I wore. Arms much larger than my diminutive husband hugged me against a massive body that rose in fell in the deep breaths of sleep.

“Harold…” I was afraid to speak too loudly, afraid to wake whatever was cuddled to me. I knew no human possessed the size of arms or the claws that pressed against my skin through blanket and cloth.“Harold…help me.”

“Beth…” My eyes followed the sound to see my husband’s shadow huddled against a corner away from the full moon’s light shining through the cracked window. His wide, frightened eyes caught the light. “I’m afraid.”

“Damn you, you old goat. Come help me outta this!” The words came out sharper and louder than I’d intended, and I felt the creature beside me jerk awake and begin to growl. “Christ’s sake, see you what you made me do?”

Word Count: 300

*Paw* Submitted to: Daily Flash Fiction (1/1/15). Prompt:Use the phrase: "See what you made me do?"(No Placing) Link to contest: http://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/896794-Daily-Flash-Fiction-Challenge
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