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by Llya
Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #2024353
Amethyst spends 5 years there before she figures that it’s time to break out.
Name: Amethyst Moonlight Tintagel

Age: 17 years old

Hair: Pure white that stops at her hips

Eyes: Emerald Green

Complexion: Olive brown

“Can you see me that I wish you could see? Will you love me when you see that me? Always and forever in love…with me.”

      A strange olive female wearing all black, her hands covered with red laced fishnet gloves, face hidden by her hip length straight white hair is seen wandering through the mysterious forest. She explores deeper into the forest, stepping on old twigs and leaves, where she herself knows that it’s unsafe. Unsafe, due to the rumors about 2 high school students a few weeks ago that wandered into the same forest and never came out. Then 2 days ago, a teacher went into the forest to continue the search for the 2 students and was never seen again. But, for some reason she wasn’t the least bit scared, like most students and teacher would be or have been. Feeling a very odd motion; a presence; is there with her in the mysterious forest, waiting for her. She then hears a voice, a voice of a boy calling her name. She looks around as calm as she always is, for the voice but it seems as though the voice is coming from all directions. Ignoring the voice of the boy, she steps deeper into the forest until she comes upon a small and dark hut. Smiling, she ambles towards the small hut but abruptly stops in her tracks when she sees a park of a lighter on the right side of the hut.

“So . . . this is where you go . . . to hide and be alone from the world.”

Her breath caught in her throat and her lips parts as if she wants to answer, but she does not say anything.

“I know you can talk. You talk to everyone else, Amethyst.” He draws smoke from the lit cigarette as he leans on the side of the hut, his piercing red eyes baring into her own emerald green eyes.

Still speechless, she freezes up, looking at the moon high in the sky and at its fullest. Then back at the figure that’s now blowing smoke halos in the air. He starts examining the cigarette as if it’s now nasty. He takes another draw from the cigarette then starts coughing. Flicking the cigarette he continues to lean against the hut.

“I see why you like it out here. No one to bother you. No one to answer to. Just alone with your own thoughts.” He crosses his arms across his chest and looks up at the moon as well. He tilts his head to the right and Amethyst can see his hair spilling from over his shoulder. “The Soothing sound of the lake . . . beautiful. Simply beautiful.” His eyes glide over to her for a split second then goes back to staring at the moon.

Her lips curls, “Expect for you being here.” She snaps at him. He continues to look at the moon, ignoring what she had just said.

Shifting his weight, he says, “You don’t like me very much, do you?”

“What does it matter to you if I like you or not? Or if I talk to everyone else but you?” She snaps again.

He struts over to her and comes within inches of her face, almost close enough to kiss her. Her heart beating fast, he says, “You should be very careful with whom you osculate with. Remember who helped you, little girl.” With that he flicks her bottom lip which causes her to blink. Upon opening her eyes, he was gone without a trace.
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