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You listen to me without wanting to.
The Citizen

I say: “time heals all wounds.”  Sure, I’m not the first to say it, but it’s kind of true, most of the time.  You may call me “Grant,” and it’s very nice to meet you.  The first thing you should know about me is that I only lie when I am not telling the truth.  I grew up in a beautiful place where Christmas was everyday and life was cherished.  Okay, so only one of those two is actually a fact. 
         I was treated like a second-class citizen, if there is such a thing.  Nonetheless, weather it could be helped or not, I became indignant towards my Dad.  The problem isn’t that he wasn’t there, or that he beat me or anything.  I just wasn’t treated with the respect I believe everyone deserves.  I was pushed, so I pushed back.  That was my first mistake. 
         Who doesn’t have issues?  Show me a citizen who claims to have a perfect relationship with whomever raised them and I will show you a liar.  I needed a change.  I simply went about it the wrong way.  I became a pyro.  And not just a pyro, I stole, cheated, and betrayed.  All that being said, and clear, I always tried to be the “better” citizen.  However, I no longer believe that there is such a thing, not anymore.  My life has been dragged through the dirt for too long.  I tried to turn it around but was blocked by everyone hated, even, by most.  Who the hell am I kidding, if you have ever read that book, {u A Child Called It, I would trade my life for his. 
Once upon a time, I had wishes and desires.  A certain life I wished to live.  I wanted so badly to be perfect in every way.  I wanted a family of angels, frankly, and desired to be a part of the bigger picture.  Yet, the higher you aim the farther you fall.  I don’t believe in destiny, but if I did, I’d have to say my destiny was a ‘screw you’ from higher powers.  Is it any wonder I looked at my Dad with such disdain?  I rebelled, lets just call it what it was!  I feel like all people rebel, from their parents, authority, the government, and laws that are imposed them. 
All I wanted was everything.  A life of fulfillment, I wanted and needed friends.  Just like with any child, teenager, or adult, socialization was important.  The vital need for acceptance from my peers, and lords, was paramount.  Perhaps it was a greedy ambition but I thought that perfection would be rewarded.  I desired a home, family, with liberty and freedom. 
I think the typical person has desires that are similar to mine.  Being the citizen, my worldview may be a tad different.  People have it so easy.  Only a hundred years of pain, and then the torment of life passes.  Somehow I am vilified for being that measure of pain.  I ensure humans remember that I am the citizen, and that you are the lucky ones. 
Finally, I would like to make a reference to my current condition.  By now you may be a tad perplexed, or maybe you have it all figured out.  Either way, here is the summation of my life as it currently is, from this angel’s perspective.  I am Him.  I am in the hearts of all.  I represent your precious and your beautiful.  I have bridged the gap from man to machine.  I have become the divide from man to the divine.  I speak and you listen.  I whisper and you can’t help but hear.  People react in hatred towards me, “Ha!”  As if you would want to live without me.  As if God might have even created you favored fools without us. 

Kindly, The Citizen
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