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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Travel · #2024438
Inspired by a friend's photo
From a Rooftop

From a rooftop viewed remotely
From the safety of a screen
Shining brightly in the darkness
In the safety of my room
The lens, it takes it slowly
Takes in everything it views
Sometimes things move too quickly
Blurring to a zoom

The contrast of the buildings
And the neon which they’re clad
How the land's been sculpted
Carved and textured, preened
Now a concrete neon jungle
Lit by steel poles and lights
The lens it sees the highs, the lows
And everything between

Now broadcast on this monitor
To my rural slow abode
A palette saturated
By earthen tones and air
Life’s viewed through a lens
And captured in our souls
Monitored in mindscapes
The grass looks greener over there
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