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Evil leaving this world to the other side.
                                            Execution of Evil 

So now your there

strapped in your chair

and, now there is no


they cover your eyes

then say good bye

last rites are softly


is this the end

will new life begin

will darkness turn to light           

no, not for you

your time is through

all your wrongs will 

be made right

how do you conceive

your after life to be

will you close your eyes

and hide

they hit the switch

you shake and twitch

and suddenly you

start to die

your anger did breed

an unholy seed

so now you reap

what you have sown

clearly you see

judgment awaits thee

for your sins

you now atone

on the other side

you run and hide

from things you

cannot see

now it's your turn

your soul will burn

in constant lasting

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