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Read and relate to me. There are more Kodas out there. reach out and write.
         Everyone talks about how difficult life is without parents. I feel for them, but I do not want to talk about that. I am no different except for the fact that my Grandma is completely and utterly deaf. My mom was never home, for she worked her behind ragged with her 2 jobs. She also went to college on top of that! Her not being around forced my grandmother and I to form such a strong bond that not even the ability that she couldn't hear would stop us from being there for one another. I remember going to Burger King, McDonalds, Ames (sort of like an old school Walmart) and other places with her. I felt different from the other kids because I had to translate for her EVERYWHERE we went. It got annoying and I started to resent my grandmother. Why couldn't she hear? Why couldn't she be like all the other grandmothers in the world? As I grew older, my mind matured and I realized I was lucky to have her. That woman never asked for anything from anyone. A real do-it-yourselfer. She did what men usually do to their households. From decorating to gardening and even yard work, my grandma kept busy. Without her, I would be a normal kid like you or the guy standing behind you reading this. I am glad I am not. Poor, fatherless, mixed races.......who cares. My grandma is deaf. That luxury overshadows all my setbacks. I love you Peggy Ann Manol.

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