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by Kvetha
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about keeping an open and active mind
Freedom of the press, religion, and speech
these are the freedoms, that we teach

Freedom of the mind and the soul
these should be our real goal

Freedom of the mind to think what we choose
no matter what it may cause us to lose

Freedom of the soul to let beliefs roam
not to read them off of some tome

We can escape this world of life
this world full of fear and of strife

We can escape into a story
one of hope and joy and glory

The mind can be a wonderful place
if beliefs add a solid base

Don't give up, continue living
make this world a world of giving

Keep your story safe in your heart
let it help you to play your part

You can always be sure to depend
that this story will never end

Your story begins with a wise sage
then fireballs come from a great mage

Lessons are learned and morals are taught
and dungeons are, with danger fraught

But stories are stories and they are not real
no matter how, they make you feel

Even though the story in mind
is a great place to go when life's unkind

It's always best to stay with the real
otherwise wounds can never heal

So always keep your feet on the ground
but always continue to look around
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