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by Cocolo
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Few Poems written while living in Puerto Rico, most are Haiku.
One drop too many;
Not really physical thirst;
Hurts, an unquenched thirst.

Guile has set me free;
A Beautiful Carafe,
The truth now haunts me

I lack discipline,
I am really imperfect,
It is all paid for.

crickets, morning dew.
laying down in the wet grass,
the wind, and crickets.

Other Poems

Under the Moonlight

I sit alone, basking in the moonlight,
Asking the river if it has seen her,
This beautiful princess I only see at night,
The one that in daylight Ive never seen before.

I sit here, hoping to catch a glimpse of her smile,
Of her green eyes,
Oh my luck has been vile,
She may never come I realise.

Under the moonlight, all I can do is pace,
Imagining another night, in which my heart to her is bound,
In which I can gently caress her face,
Than the sun reminds that to the truth I am bound.

Toad Life

My life as a toad bores me,
I waste my time,
Pondering on my rock.
Thinking I'm free of crime.

I swim in my pond.
Staring at the happy fish.
I never get too Fond.
Are they always destined to be a Dish?

Sometimes while I rest,
Out of the darkness comes a hiss
I rush up a tree to a nest,
When the day comes who will I miss?

I spent a hundred years this way,
swimming, and pondering.
Until it finally came, judgement day
Death took me, while I was wondering.

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