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Simply One Believing In God
S.O. B.I.G.

Simply One.…….Believing In God

The Idea: A non-religious, spiritual way to establish, maintain, and grow in one’s personal relationship with God.

The Mission: To enhance the “Believing In God” experience, for those who are members of a religion, and most importantly, to provide those who are dis-enchanted with religious dogma, doctrine, and ideology, the opportunity to grow in God.

The Foundation:
1) God loves each and every creature unconditionally.
2) The planet will be better served if each individual accepted personal responsibility for their
relationship with God, and not opt out of that responsibility in lieu of any religious belief.
3) Mankind desperately needs to be accepting of one another regardless of any, and all,
religious belief.
4) Mankind is threatened in all aspects of our existence, based upon man’s inhumanity toward
5) Each individual can effect positive change in the malady of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man
through growth in our one-on-one relationship with God.
6) No religious dogma, doctrine, or ideology should supercede our attempt to love one
another as God loves us all.
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