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A child's daydream syndrome, something referred to the child as "Drifting". Entry: 1/13/15
The Outside World...

To most people, it seems like a normal reality that they're obligated to be apart of.

I agree, that's a good thing right? Only thing with me is.. I see and question things, things that other people when I show them they tend not to see it all or if they do it's not presented to them they I see it.. or them.

Hi, my name is Ella.

I'm a nineteen year old girl, who lives on the outskirts of Long Island. I like to remain in my house for many hours of the day and don't really like going outside.

People ask me why don't I want to go outside, but I tell them... it's the things I see. It's the things people don't see, that I see, that make me scared to step out it's just... horrible.

But what I do know is that I'm a drifter that drifts at strange points in my life and that they happen I random intervals, but happen more often when I outside.

One summer morning, my parents demanded that I go to the beach. I tried telling them that the beach takes forever and its not really much of a joy. I wore a simple jeans that was torn at the knee and a pink sweater with the blooming head of a rose on either side of the hood.

I walked along with my two older brothers, Eddy and Keven, who would eventually leave me behind because I liked to take my walks slow.

I was walking pretty near to the beach. I had to walk across the road to walk up the promenade, and just as I was beginning to cross.. I saw a steering wheel roll  besides me. I stared at it for a bit and then turned to see from whence the wheel had come from.

The moment I had turned around I found myself holding a sword within my hand and wore the armor of skulls around my neck and bones covering only the necessary parts of my body anyways. I stood in front what looked like a limping dead person who served as a Roman soldier. It's red cape blowing in the wind as it limped towards me, spitting and hacking out some sort of green goop.

I was standing in an area of great ruin. The beautiful houses that I stood near moments ago, disappeared.. It was all strange. Has anyone felt this before? Who takes a stroll to the beach and have sudden changes like that.. is this even real? 

I notice that my sword was pretty dull. It seem like it was going cut the zombie limping its way towards me so I decided to drop my sword run towards what I thought was the beach behind me, but when I turned there was only a sea of decayed hands and opened mouths seeping with blood, coming before me like the waves of a tsunami.

I was in complete shock with my mouth hanging open as despair and hopelessness washed over me moments before the hands came grabbed all different parts of me. I looked up at the sky, and I saw a blue balloon floating across the cloudy sky.

I fell backwards onto the ground, and I watched as the blue balloon had popped and the color had expanded outward and changed the whole sky to an ocean blue color. I looked before me,  happy and relieved to be finally back in the close I was wearing before these crazy turn of events started to happen.

I got up, feeling and then seeing that I was standing in the middle of a giant bed of grass that spread for miles apart in all directions, no trees, no mountains, no living and breathing things, no rocks, there's just the grass, me, and the blue ocean sky.

When I looked up at the sky above, trying to figure what was going to happen next, I saw a giant water fountain that appeared, stationed, a midst the blue sky and poured down onto the grassland an large stream of water. Curious to know why that was taking place, I walked for miles across the land of lush green grass until I have reached the point of where all the water from above flowed down.

I looked back at the giant fountain as I stood before the stream of water, crashing down onto the earth before, and I thought to myself just what would it take to turn off that fountain. Just as I imagined turning off the pipe, the stream started solidifying into ice all the way the up to the mouth of the fountain.

I touched the frozen stream and the gravity had immediately shifted to where the icy stream was now the floor and to where the land of grass was but a mighty wall behind me. The weather began to change, and snow started to fall. Because of my position however, the snow was more blowing at me then falling on me. Before me was a was a snow-covered path that stretched all the way up to the destination before me.

I walked up careful to stay in the middle of the path the whole way. If I didn't want anything to happen, I most certainly didn't want to fall all the way down sideways, not that I want to fall down to begin with. Just saying.

When I had neared the end of the path, I was confused at where to go. I mean I could climb the bowl or else from the way gravity was setup I would've just fell all the way down. However, as I touched the ceramic bowl of the fountain, everything had become all hazy, and I found myself on the ground. I got up and had quickly realized I was just before the corner ready to cross the street.

I turned behind and watched at a strange light that spoke and said...

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