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Games to play with Writing ML
You can play poker on WDC!!!


Gives you

10 4 Q 5 7 K 8  -?-

You can play slots on WDC!!!


Gives you

************** = 18,225 points! -?-

You can play dice on WDC!!! (As of 10 Jan 2015!)


Gives you


The above games have a limit of seven emotocons in a string.

In January of 2015 The StoryMaster added the ML for a progress bar.

WritingML for Progress Meter

by The StoryMaster 

I'm building it into the existing "code" structure of WritingML, which has some other customizable functions floating around.


PERCENT must be a number (with or without % sign)
COLOR_LEFT defaults to GREEN
COLOR_RIGHT defaults to RED
LABEL defaults to %
TEXT defaults to complete

Some examples:

{code:progress(80)} yields:

80% complete

{code:progress(50%,blue,gray)} yields:

50% complete

{code:progress(50,blue,gray, -->,coolness)} yields:

50 --> coolness

{code:progress(19,violet,ppink)} yields:

19% complete

{code:progress(100%,#FF0000,#000000)} yields:

100% complete

{code:progress(0,#FF0000,#000000)} yields:

0% complete

*Wolf* You can now horizontally and vertically flip ANY emoticon.  *Wolf*

*Wolf*  Which makes for some cool abilities!  *Wolf*

Put an "h" before the "e" in an emoticon tag to flip it horizontally.

Put a "v" before the "e" in an emoticon tag to flip it vertically.

Put an "hv" before the "e" in an emoticon tag to flip it horizontally and vertically.

          *Wolf* = {e:wolf}

          *Wolf* = {he:wolf}

          *Wolf* = {ve:wolf}

          *Wolf* = {hve:wolf}

Countdown Timer

{code:countdown('OCT 31 2019 11:59pm')}

will produce:

As it gets closer, it will count down in minutes and finally in seconds.

Is produced by

{code:countdown('SEP 30 2019 11:59pm')}

This is perfect for the end of fundraisers, contests, and other activities. It helps create a sense of urgency, plus it reminds folks of how much longer they have to participate.

As other ML games are added, if they ever are, I will add to this list.
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