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Have you noticed how inhuman the world is becoming... Technology is taking other!
So today I suppose it truly hit me. I am 24 years old and madly in love with computer games, have been since the young age of 5 when I got my first games console, the 'Sega mega drive'. The feeling of accomplishment once you complete that game or finally getting past that challenging level captivated my innocent naïve mind and had me addicted to the gaming industry from then on. Now I am older I have seen friends, family members, random people commuting all playing more and more. The gaming industry is now huge and seems there is no chance that its growth is going to slow. This had be thinking about how I myself actually play computer games and its effects amongst the world. The word 'play' has become more and more distant, when 'playing' a computer game now, instead of looking at all the cool graphics and enjoying a games 'story line' I instead find my self racing to finish the game or trying all I can to be the best at the game. I don't actually PLAY games anymore. I used to find games enjoyable and they could make me laugh, but now I see some games as a way of life or a job. I also believe I am not the only one who is experiencing this, I am sure there are many people are going through the same thing but have not yet owned up to the fact that gaming has taken over theirs lives.

The games are now you could say closer to a sport, there is a campaign called 'Esports' that basically holds electronic gaming competitions around the world for prizes to the players who are the best. Hmm great idea for me I first thought until I had a very unique brain wave. To be the best at a game is to practically play the game as if I was a computer which was programmed to play the game. I watched some 'Esports' Youtube videos of guys playing a well known pc game called 'Warcraft 3'. This game is complex beyond your imagination and if you are not familiar with RTS (real time strategy) games then you will barely understand what's going on. For me on the other hand I am very experienced with the game and understand how 'great' the people are at playing the game, it is almost robotic. That's when I thought, to be the best at a game is to be the most robotic at it. It seems in our human nature if we are 'good' at something we tend to strive to becoming the best at it as well.
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