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How I found out I had a half sister and met her.
I am a judge for Marcia's Contest. I love Marcia and she is so sweet and I am writing this hoping others will be inspired to write for her contest. She is a Dear Friend and I invite you to write a nonfiction item. I am going to write how I found out I had a half sister. So, sit back and read my story. Thanks.
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I am 59 years old. I was raised as an only child. My father was in the Air Force and did three tours of Viet Nam. My mother and I lived with my grandparents when Dad wasn't home. When Dad wasn't in Viet Nam, we lived in Arizona, Washington State, Tennessee, Maryland {close to Washington, D.C.} and my grandparents lived in Indiana and I have lived in Indiana ever since I was 18. I would love to live in Washington State but I live in a nice country area of Indiana so I am happy.

Mom called me 15 years ago and said that Dad got a letter from Brenda who lives in Florida. She asked Dad if he knew her mother Alice. Dad was in shock. Alice was pregnant and told Dad that the baby wasn't his. She married someone else and Dad moved on with Mom. Mom knew Dad's sister Arlene baby-sit Brenda and her brother and sister. Mom called Arlene and asked who Brenda looked like. Arlene said: "My father." She thought Dad knew Brenda was his daughter and didn't worry about it. Dad's brother Jim and his wife said Mona, Dad's other sister threw Alice's aunt and uncle out of the house when they asked what Dad was going to do about his child with Alice. Jim and Joann kept that secret and Aunt Mona had died along time ago.

Dad wrote to Brenda and she wrote back. She finally got her mother to admit that Dad was her Dad. She sent a picture of herself and she looked like Dad's side of the family. They kept writing letters and Brenda wanted me to write to her so we started to write letters to each other. Did I accept this easily? No. I was an only child. I watched enough soaps to know this happens all the time. I decided to accept it. It dawned on me. I have a sister. Wow. Why did she wait so long? Was she sick and needed Dad's kidney or blood? I asked her that question later when we met. She said she was middle aged and it was time to meet Dad and his family. She didn't want to go through life anymore not knowing her biological family. I get that.

Brenda came to visit us and we hugged each other. She bought her half sister Beverly with her. We had fun shopping and getting to know each other. She had a brother Brian who died and I was sad that I would never to get meet him. It was like I had a brother that I would never know. I enjoyed being with Beverly. It was like I have two sisters. Mom accepted it and it was hard for her but Mom fell in love with Brenda and so did my son. He had another aunt besides my husband's family. I cried when she and Beverly went back to Florida. My husband Ray liked his new sister-in-law and Beverly.

My husband Ray and I went to Florida and Brenda and her mother Alice and Beverly took us to Disneyland. I had fun with Alice. I loved Alice. We went to the haunted house and had fun. I had no reason to resent Alice. My mother never got along with Alice and Dad doesn't want to talk to her but Alice is nice. I don't question why she didn't tell Dad the truth and married someone else. My half sister's stepfather was so nice. I used to hug him when we went to Florida. He was like my stepfather, too and Alice is like another mother. My sister? We are different as day and night but we believe in God and Jesus, we love to shop and we like vampires, fantasy movies and we liked going to Disneyland. We both love Teddy Bears. My sister loves the witch in "Wizard Of Oz" and she loved going to "The Wizard Of Oz " Store in Chesterton, Indiana. Me, too.

It was funny when we left to get on the ferry across the pond to go back to the parking lot at Disneyland. Beverly and I were waving at everyone waiting to get on the next ferry and we acted like Jack Dawson of "Titanic." We were saying: "Good Bye. We'll miss you." I was standing at the end of the ferry saying: "I'm The King Of The World!" I howled. Ray told my sister that she had wanted to meet me and this is who I am. She laughed. We get off the ferry and there were five teen-age boys standing around. This one girl asked who they were and I said: "Honey, I can tell you one thing. They sure aren't the Backstreet Boys!" Everyone laughed.

My sister has to come visit us and we took her Frankenmuth, Michigan to the big Christmas Store there and a nice chicken dinner at the restaurant near by. My sister would ask about Dad. Dad wasn't a fun father after Viet Nam but my sister thinks he is prefect so I let her think that. Brenda's husband John took us to the ocean in Jacksonville, Florida and we got to ride a ferry on the naval base. My brother-in-law drives like a Nascar Driver and the traffic in Florida is unreal. John was in the Navy. Brenda took us to St. Augustine and I love the lighthouse and settlement which is old buildings with shops. I love to shop.

I wish my sister and I lived closer. I like to dress fancy but she likes the plain look. She doesn't like jewelry. She has two daughters and I love Tricia and her son Gavin. Gavin looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. My sister and I exchange Christmas gifts, e-mails and we see each other when we can. Meeting her late in life is better then never knowing her at all. I am glad God let me know I have a half sister. It was lonely at times being an only child. I have her now. Even if it is only e-mails and limited visits. I am gad she is part of my life.

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