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Magic, Gods, Fates we all have a Destiny to follow. What if you had forget yours?
Alternate reality shattered by T.J Barker 1/12/2015
Two am, here I am cleaning up the parking lot after the cars pulled out of the drive though. It wasn't the best paying job but it was at least a job. Enough to keep the roof over my head. I have never had an easy life. My mother and brother had died in a car crash three years ago and I had been sent to live with my Aunt and cousin.
Sweeping though the piles of popcorn and napkins that the teens my age couldn't have thrown in the trash cans even though there was one every ten feet. I started to think back to a life in the stars where a strange love existed. I could almost see his face. His hard jaw line with baby smooth skin. It was cold to the touch and his bright blue eyes seemed to be ice frozen. His long black hair was highlighted with light and dark blue though out the whole thing. He was fierce in the night. Holding me close and nipping my neck. I sighed as I closed my eyes nearly feeling his tongue running along my neck line. “Oh Demitry” I said the name of the mystery man in my mind as I felt like I was right there with him.

“Destiny” the manger called me from across the parking lot of the Glendale nine drive in. “coming Mark” I said as I swept the last pile up and tossed it in the bag. I turned walking towards the concession office. “Destiny don’t forget me please. I need you we all do” The whisper in the back of my mind was louder and so much more real than it had ever been.
“Destiny, were you talking to someone?” Mark asked as he looked back to me with those green eyes. He was not much older than me but he had gotten the job from his daddy. So he was the boss. “Nope, sorry was just thinking about something.”
“Who’s Demitry?” He asked as he set the cash on the counter and began to count out my pay.
“I don’t really know, just someone I have imagined for the past three years. Maybe he is my guardian angel. Someone had to have been for me not to drawn in the river that night.”
“Ahh yes, maybe so. Any ways can you be here two hours longer tomorrow. We are running a triple feature and Lucy called off an hour ago.”
“Sure I can, I’ll just tell my aunt that its work related.”
“Thanks Destiny” he said as he handed a bundle of cash to me. “There’s an extra tip in there for always being so accommodating even to those jerks.”

Soon I was hopping on my bike, slipping the helmet on. I swung my cross body bag in front and stuck the head phones in to the phone. Switching on some burning down the house, and radioactive. I pulled off in to the street and took off down the nearly empty street.
Out of nowhere a huge truck speed though a stop light and all I saw was his headlights blinding me right as I was hit from the side. I felt my leg crack and I heard my screams cut off as something heavy landed on my chest. I didn't even remember how my bike flipped up from under me to land across my chest. I was bleeding everywhere and there were flames from the truck that had flipped over.
The flames of the truck made me start to see something. I felt as if I was being pulled from my body. Maybe astral projection? I was looking down at a castle that was engulfed in flames. Monsters were running from the castle. They sure looked like monsters. Something you would see in an Ann Rice novel or even from George R.R. Martin. One held his hand up and shot what could only be explained as an ice bolt of lightning straight towards something running from the castle doors.
“Destiny, we have got to get out of here.” Jade, my cousin said as she pulled on to my hand. I looked up at her. Her green eyes were glowing and the once brown hair was bright green and white. “Come on Destiny, my mother will help us we just have to get out of here.”
“HALT princess’s our mother wants you” One of the fiendish monster creatures said as he tossed a dagger straight for Jade but I pushed her out of the way and took it right in the upper left of my shoulder. “Run Jade” I said as I fell. I then saw a huge beast figure appear and roar out as he jumped over my falling body and charged the beast who had just stabbed me.

I began to wake up in the hospital with Jade and aunt Jewel sitting next to my bed. “Oh Destiny your alive” Jade said as she reached down and hugged me tight. I began to cough from the pain that was in my chest.
“Careful dear, she was hurt and barely survived according to the doctor. If you hadn't been wearing your helmet you could have been killed.” I blinked as I tried to sit up but a rush of pain washed over my whole body.
“I..” I began to say something about what I had seen but then thought about it. What if they thought I had brain damage?”
“Shh your fine now dear. Rest, we will be right here for you.”

I closed my eyes and moments later I opened my eyes to see Jewel again. However I was not in the hospital any more. I was in a bright white room with dark green vines all over the walls with Light blue roses budding all around my bed.
“Queen IceStar, I am sorry to say your mother did not make it. My daughter Jade is in a deep slumber, and my son Demitry is in a comma his twin Ace is sitting with him but I need your help. The powers that only an Ice blood holds. I need you to heal them please bring them back to me.”
I sat up rubbing my head slowly. Looking to my aunt. I wanted to scream. I wanted to ask what was going on here. I wanted to wake up back in my bed. But now the question was, what was my real bed?
“Show him to me. I will see what I can do Queen DarkStar.”

I woke screaming in the hospital hours later according to the doctors. I heard them scrambling around. “Sedate here, now.” The head doctor commanded and soon a needle pricked my arm and I started to fall back on the bed. “Demitry” I said his name once before I passed out cold. I saw Jewels eyes go wide and heard her hiss back the only word I could make out. “No.”
“Did you feel that?” Ice said looking over at Flame after they had just taken three souls from the fire lands of Avalon collected for the God of Death.
“Something, is wrong. I felt it too. What was it though?”
“It was Destiny. I am sure of it. Demitry is screaming at me telling me we have to go to Arizona she’s hurt.”
“Blood Bane would tell us if she was hurt. Jewel is doing the best she can. We have to trust her. I Have Ace controlled, you need to get Demitry under control before I find a way to muzzle him. Come on we have five more souls on the list” Flame said as he walked through the black swirling shadowy smoke portal. Ice followed but he still had a terrible feeling.

The black portal spit them out on the side of the road. There was a flaming truck and a motor cycle laying a top a female. Ice began to walk towards the female. “No she is alive, it is the driver who is dying” Flame grabbed his twins arm. Then they moved over to the guy who was burning alive. “Come with us child, you shall be judged and if found innocent enough. Given a choice to join the astral planes or placed with in the cycle again.” Flame said the same spill as he reached for the guy’s hand.
“And if I am guilty of much over my life?” He asked taking Flames hand.
“Then it is the shadow planes for you until you have atoned or learned your lesson and then and only then will you be placed back in the cycle.” Ice said as he set a hand on the man’s back and took the flames from his back. Cooling the guy’s body and spirit.

“What do you mean she is in a coma?” Jewel asked the doctor with tears in her eyes.
“There seems to be something going on. Her brain has a lot of activity but she won’t wake up. We would say maybe it was swelling but I don’t see any on the x-rays. Miss Star, is there anything we should know about your niece that could help her? I see here she has been living with you for three years.”
“There is nothing else I can tell you. Are you sure there is nothing you can do for her?” Jewel asked as she took a deep breath.
“Nothing Miss Star, all we can do is wait, and hope it doesn't get worse. If she doesn't wake soon though I would put it at very low possibility that she will ever be fully functional again.”
“Thank you” she said and looked down to her Niece. “I need to be alone with her and think this over Doctor.” She said and soon was left alone.
“Three years. Is that really all we gained from all that we did? It is not near time yet. How can this be.” She was mumbling to herself as she paced the room. Looking over at Destiny. “Please just wake up Destiny. We can’t go back, not yet. It is still far to dangerous.”
“It’s more dangerous to keep her here any longer Jewel. You need to come home” Jewel spun around to see Blood Bane standing there in the shadows of the room. “She has begun to remember and this accident has trapped her with in her past. She is reliving that day over and over again. We must get her home Jewel, Jade and her are needed and we need our Queens to rule once again.”
“No but’s Jewel. We kept our word. We didn't interfere, Azzella wanted her daughter to try and have a semi normal life. We gave it the shot we could but the experiment is over.”

They all stood around the floating body concentrating their collective powers in to healing Destiny, not only her body but her mind. Chanting the chant of the Gods. Jewel, and Jade were also there adding to the amount of power. Jade was furious that she had been made to forget her real life along with Destiny but for now she would use those powers she remembered, to save her friend, and blood sister.

“Goddess of Life we call upon you to restore what was taken.”
“But you are the ones who took it from her, are you now telling me you want her to remember what you made her forget?” The Goddess of Life spoke as she floated above Destiny. Her long silver hair flowed behind her. The golden eyes were as bright as the sun.
“Yes, we made a mistake she must remember now. We cannot keep her lost to her fate any longer. Look what it has done to her.” Blood Bane spoke as he waved a hand to Destiny.
“You took her from her fate because of the mortal women who gave birth to her. This child was mine, she belonged to my twin and I. Why is it you over stepped and took her from me. She is the Lady of Life, My lady”
“It was my fault My Goddess of Life” Jewel said as she stepped forward and fell upon her knees bowing her head. “I begged the Knights of Death to allow me to keep Azzella’s last wish. I see now just how dangerous it was if someone must be punished take me, but please restore what has been taken.”
“A sacrifice, Queen Jewel, one I could and should accept”
She said as she looked over the gathered group.
“However, no not yet, your time is not ended yet, you still have much to teach these children though not for long I am afraid”
The Goddess of Life walked over to Destiny and stepped out of the spiritual body as she set a hand on Destiny’s fore head. “Let the alternate reality hear by be shattered. Let all memories return, all pain, sorrow, joy, happiness, let all hopes and fears fill your heart once more. Let my Lady of Life once again remember who she really is and arise once more whole no longer broken.” As she spoke these words the bright light coming from her hand poured in to Destiny’s body and soon she snapped open her shimmering midnight sapphire eyes. Her face filled with pain and anguish as she saw and remembered all the past, the present, the future. All she had seen all she had stopped, all she had killed, fought and stopped from coming forth on that day. All that she must continue to stop.
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