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Do you need marketing for your book through video? Then you've come to the right place!
Book Marketing with the use of Videography

In the vast majority of online videos found on websites across the globe, the ones that have interested me the most are those in the marketing industry such as Movie and Book Trailers. Due to the growth of web based designs for corporate and home businesses, there has been a call for professional advertisements and marketing ideals. The use of professional programs to make ad-based commercials are what really grasps a customer or client’s interest.

As a Videographer with over ten years of experience I produce and edit a majority of media from commentary to home videos using a variety of professional softwares and customized effects. Whether the media contains typography, simple FX or a majority of scenes, I maintain a concentrated perfectionism on the topic, frame-by-frame rate, audio, sound effects, grammar, spelling and, of course, a guaranteed quality.

Recently, I’ve seen how much of a struggle it is for authors and illustrators to get their work noticed due to on-the-market competition and a lack of professional marketing plans. However, there can be help. This is where Delivery Time: A Video Marketing Service for Authors comes in to lend you a hand. This service will craft a nifty Book Trailer with the use of animation, music, voice-overs and promoting skills.

Listed are my past Video Editing Responsibilities:

• Conducted editing of audio and video content of recorded films

• Prepared storyboards, edited for textures and audio, and produced program videos.

• Supported multimedia designs.

• Arranged films and video in sequence with various editing processes.

• Guaranteed precision the film’s serial numbers and time codes.

• Assisted individuals for potential projects

• Checked and edited videos for mistakes and made corrections when needed.

• Examined frame after frame to mark all audio, video and texture from beginning to ending points.

• Educated local students with Microsoft Office, Photoshop and Sony Vegas.

Since 2010 I have been providing for those who wish to market their work and reel clients in by the use of Videography (a.k.a. video editing). It takes a few simple steps to make an advertisement that will really ‘wow’ the crowd.


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