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"Fuck!" I screamed as pain ripped through my body as I shifted my position against a tree.

I put my hand where the pain was, and it came back all bloody. I knew I was hurt and badly. I had fallen out of the tree after the job was done. I had knocked myself out as I hit the ground. how long I was out? I don't really know, maybe a couple of hours maybe, but no more than that. The silver box, that was once in my pack, was now out and on the ground. It's red light flashing, indicating that I punched my signal device, so Home base knew where I was and that it was done. But I also do understand that this does not mean that I'll make it out alive. With jobs as classified as this one was it is common for the worker to be eliminated as well, thus breaking any and all ties to the agency, after all plausible deniability was the key to the companies survival. Although completing this assignment, it will boost my career more than anything else I had ever done, provided I survive it.

In the distance I hear some men yelling to each other in their native tongue, Which I do not understand, as well as some dogs. I knew they were looking for me. Fighting through the blinding pain,As quickly as I could, I stood up and moved as quickly as I could towards the extraction point. With each step, pain ripped through me like an electrical charge, this made to going slow. But I never stopped.
I moved from tree to tree, leaning upon the next one as I left the last one. The terrain was rough, jungle like with thick undergrowth, vines and other 'not-so-nice' things which made running through the jungle something that most people would do under any circumstances.

The chase seemed to go on for hours. I ran up several hills and down the other side, and the followers kept following. I crossed rivers trying to find a way to loose my pursuers. I knew I had to do something fast, as they sounded like they were getting closer. I knew I couldn't get caught, I know what happens when people like me are caught and its not pleasant.

I am starting to feel the effects of my blood loss. I needed to rest but knew if I did its all over. I kept pressing on through the jungle, trying not to make too much noise, but knowing that wasn't going to happen.

I came to a small clearance where I found a wild boar in a small but harmless trap. thinking quickly, I placed my bloody shirt on the animal as it squirmed in the trap. I felt sorry for it as it probably was thinking that this would be the end of things for him. I grabbed my knife and cut him free. He proceeded to break from my touch and run wild through the underbrush dragging my bloody shirt with him and while making a lot more noise than I was earlier.

As the animal disappeared from sight. I ran the other direction and hid behind an out cropping of rock nearby, I placed my back up against the rock and sank to the ground, as almost all of my strength was now gone. I needed time to rest, I knew that animal would run for about an hour before they caught him, especially in this thick brush.

I carefully peaked around the edge of the rock as the followers and their tracking Dogs did what I thought they would and that was follow the animal through the brush one way , while I went the other way. Once they were out of sight and hearing, I got up and slowly continued to walk in that direction. It wasn't but a few minuets before I tumbled down the side of a hill and landed right in front of the opening to a small cave where I could rest a while, in case they came back that direction.
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