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Ordered a snake venom mask from China thru eBay. Kind of afraid to try it.

If I were less active on eBay than I am, I never would have found out about this ancient Chinese beauty secret. I tried it yesterday, and I am VERY PLEASED with the results. No allergic reaction.

I don't know if I'm allergic to snake venom. It's not something allergists test for. I had NO negative reactions when I tried this product the first time. The only thing that caused me concern about the product was possible allergic reaction. But there was absolutely no sting, burning or unpleasant sensations. I kept a jelly-like soaked paper on my face for 30 minutes. The saturated mask peeled off easily. No sort of residue seemed to be left on my face. As with all facials, I rinsed my face with cold water after removing the mask.

I had a home day, so I didn't put on any make for the day. I thought I would let my pores air out. During the late evening I found myself rubbing my face in spots that felt like something was loose. I think it was blackheads that had been shocked out of my skin, I washed my face with face soap, and applied a light layer of my special moisturizer.

When I began my next day, I felt my skin--several times. It was so incredibly soft. I think my skin was so happy that it was beeming.

That day I received two complements: "Is that a new outfit?"
"You look great today. Your new haircut looks really good!"

I suspect that the change that my friends noticed was a glow to my face, and maybe I was having an especially good day to boot.
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