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Short story on nature

Hidden Gift

The birds were chirping and calling the dawn in shrilling voice. Chill morning breeze rushed up to the mighty hill. The golden apple tree was crystal clear standing right beside the house in drooping head like a tired old man. The leaves were holding morning dews unwillingly. The green oak trees were lined down till end of the gortsum valley. A small creak was running in a peaceful sound near by the valley. Nako the heart of the family stepped outside and stretched his arms, looked around and saw his sister Silkey right outside holding a sake full of maize grains getting ready to set for grinding into pieces using grinding stones. “Come on let’s start grinding.” spoke silkey unwillingly. “Yeah, I’m here,” Nako frowned lightly. The daylight was flashed at the summit of Rodungla. Pala the head of the family came outside holding a bunch of old bamboos fire to offer great incense to local deities. He started chanting and thick black smoke rose up in the clear sky. The smoke passed through the oak trees and brought fabulous smell in and around the house. The normal work was tough and hurting the teenager’s hand. The grains disappeared from the sake after continuous effort of two siblings.

Mama was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She came outside with profound steps. “Have you all completed the task?” said mama and stood silent for few minutes.

Nako rushed towards the water tape to wash his hands; there he heard an old giant frog croaking as if he is left alone in a tiny pond. Instantly, he jumped near the pond and chuckled. The frog stretched his legs, widely opened his eyes and glanced at the boy. Nako bent coolly focusing his eyes to the frog and slowly he moved his hands towards the frog, but the frog jumped one step away from him. Nako felt strange at first and closed his eyes and thought why the giant frog was solitary left and getting afraid of man.

Nako, breakfast is ready,” said mom hurriedly. “I have finished washing, you all go ahead,” said Nako. Then Nako saw the sun rising brightly above the hill. He raised his head up, looked at the sun and wished to have his day more enjoyable than before. He set towards the dining room where the families were sat properly, placed their plates and cups just right in front of them. Mom served the food and father started offering prayer to god holding a plateful of food just parallel to his forehead. Everyone was silent and busy eating. Then the father announced the day’s proggrame and gave each family member a task to do. Suddenly he looked at Nako and said, “ Nako you will go after the cattle.”

Nako went to the cowshed and set cattle free to the pasture land above the house. He sat on the stone focusing his two eyes towards the cattle and shook his head and thought about the old frog. He went back to the pond and saw the frog was deviating against the stone, receiving partial sun light. Nako thought that the poor frog might be feeling cold and he moved near to the frog and passed his hand to catch the frog, but the frog jumped on the stone and croaked three times. Nako looked around and saw the surrounding very messy with full of plastics, plastic bottles, thick mud, papers and unwanted materials thrown. The foul smell of decayed leaves and rotten vegetables polluted the area. Instantly he ran at home to get spade to clean the area. He picked up all the unwanted things and piled up at one corner little far from the pond. He cleaned the pond and cleared the grasses. He kept a big flat stone in the middle of the pond. He made a filter out of bamboo to stop unwanted materials to get into the pond. After a few minutes the water in the pond became crystal clear, Nako could see his image appearing in the water. Nako sat in front of the frog and said, “That is your home,” pointing his fore fingers at the pond. Then he left the frog and went back home.

Next day at 9 am he visited the pond and saw the frog peacefully lying on the stone receiving marvelous sunlight. The frog glanced at him and in return he grinned. The frog jumped into the water with hard splashed and ripples moved at the end of the pond. Again the frog jumped on the stone and shook his spotted body and thrown away the water drops back to the pond and the frogs looked fresh. ”Wonderful,” said Nako. He ran near to the father and said, “I have created a play ground.” “What play ground,” said father with little surprise. “Now he is enjoying much,” said Nako. “I don’t understand, who is enjoying much? “ said father seriously. “Father, follow me I will show you.” “Okay, “said father. The boy took the father near to the pond and showed the pond and said, “This is a play field, made for my best friend, he is my best friend.” The father was surprised to see clean pond and the old frog enjoying. The frog blinked his eyes and moved back into the water. “You have done a good job. Before, the place used to be very nasty and is a place to dump unwanted materials, now you have made good place for the frog to mingle.” said father. “Father, what the frog eats?” “You give grains,” said father.

The boy fed the frogs and used to visit more than five times in a day. Sometimes he used to play with the frog. One night the boy had a miracle dream. He dreamed rainbow just above the house. He woke up early in the morning; went outside, stretched his arms and legs, rubbed his eyes with two hands, bent his body towards front. Then he looked at the pond and there he found the green image in middle of the pond. Then he rushed to the pond and found the old frog lying stone dead. He cried and shouted. “Who killed my friend?” The father was right beside the house ready for morning prayers. Suddenly, he heard a cry and found his son crying near the pond. The father walked near the pond and said, “What happened?” “Is dead!” said Nako in low voice. After a few minutes Nako lowered down his body and looked at the dead frog and found a diamond between the stone and the dead frog. He picked the frog and held the diamond in his other hand and buried the dead frog. He sat near the pond and said to his father, “Who will enjoy the play field hereafter?” Both of them set back towards home.

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