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So many naughty tricks

Part One

Mercy knocked on the black wooden door. She stood on the steps of a gray two story house. She was soaking wet and shook from the cold and the pouring rain. Mercy was only 25 years old but looked like she was 18. Her long dark brown hair clung to her back and hung around her oval face. Her dark brown eyes grew big with worry. Her black leather mini clung to her as well as her light violet halter top. Mr. Eve could see her through his living room window. He stood behind the red velvet curtains his sister gave him last Christmas.

Mercy shivered as she tip toed to look into the diamond shaped window. Mercy was only five foot and had to bring her self a little higher until thunder struck and made her jump. Mercy raised her hand to knock just as the door opened a sexy six six foot man stood in black slacks and a blue t shirt. His long red hair was in a long tail. It slung over his shoulder. His light blue eyes flashed with the lighting. Mercy blushed as she stared up into this hot angels eyes. "Yes, how may I help you?" Mr. Eve asked in an Irish accent. Mercy took a step back. "My car broke down the road. May I use your phone to call my brother?" Mercy asked in a rush of breath.

Mr. Eve nodded and stepped to the side. "Please come in and warm up." He said as he held the door open for her. Mercy looked back down the road left and right. She slowly walked into the foyer. Mr. Eve handed her a towel. With a grin he leaned forward and locked the front door. Mercy dried her hair and face. She looked around the black plush living room. It was huge with two huge black leather couches and a large 50 foot flat screen TV on the wall. The flooring was black carpeting and on the other three walls were oval windows and were covered with red velvet curtains. On two tables on each side were black lamps with red lights.

"This way to the phone." Mr. Eve lead her down a narrow hallway down three doors. He opened the last door and shoved Mercy hard into the dark lit room. "What the fu..." Mercy couldn't finish when Mr. Eve punched her in the face. "I'm sorry my dear but I just cant let a sexy morsel like you go. Not until I've my had fill ." Mr. Eve said as he lifted her body and carried her into the bed following the candles that lit with each step.

Part Two

Mercy slowly woke up. Her whole face hurt as she tried to sit up. Mercy couldn't move at all. She tried to lift her arms but couldn't. She tried to speak but couldn't, Mercy gasped when she saw a large long mirror on the ceiling. Mercy's eyes went wide when she saw her reflection. Her ankles, legs, arms, and wrists were chained to the black silk bed. Chains also crisscrossed over her stomach and around her large breasts. What the hell. Mercy thought as she struggled against the chains. They seemed to tighten the more she moved.

Mercy wanted to scream but couldn't, a bright purple gag ball was held in her mouth. It was held by black leather tied behind her head. Her long brown hair was in a long tail that was slung over her left shoulder. "Mmmm, I see you're awake." Mr. Eve said as he sat on the left side of the bed. Mercy glared at him as she felt angry tears clouding her eyes. "Oh, sweet Mercy how you've grown." Mr. Eve's eyes traveled from Mercy's breasts then down to her shaven pussy. "Mmm, I'm so hard right now. I love you like this. Chains become you." He stood up and took off his robe. His hard jutting dick flung free. Mercy closed her eyes when Mr. Eve sat back down.

Mr. Eve smacked her hard across the face. "Open your damn eyes." He grabbed the back of her head and yanked off the gag. With a deep groan he crushed her lips with his. He forced her mouth open and sucked hard on her tongue. His left hand cupped her breast and squeezed it hard until she whimpered in pain. Mr. Eve bit hard on her tongue then he moved his lips to her other breast and bit harder on it. Mercy clenched her teeth as she held back a cry. Her body shook when he cupped her between the legs. "Oh what a surprise you're wet." He laughed as he shoved his large fist hard into her wet cunt. He took it out and rammed it harder into her. "Mmm so tight. I love it oh how I want you. Here have a taste." He straddled her waist as he held his fist in front of her. He pinched her nose until she opened her mouth. "Lick it!!!" He yelled as he slapped her in her leg. Mercy licked up his fist then with a loud yell she bit down hard into his wrist. " You fucking bitch." Mr. Eve yelled as he slapped her hard in the face. Mercy's vision blurred as everything slowly went black. Last thing she saw was his beautiful face contorting in a angering glare.

Part Three

Mercy awoke to the sound of classical music. “Oh Naughty Bitch, wakes up.” Mr. Eve said He was sitting in a black armed chair twisting a leather whip in his hands. A long oval mirror stood in front of Mercy. Mercy gasped out loud, her hands were tied above her head. Black leather straps were tied around her wrists. The straps hung from black chains. The chains hung from the ceiling.

Mercy realized her legs were also held by chains. They were hooked to the floor. Mr. Eve got up from the chair. He wore only black tight leather pants. His long red hair hung around his face. His eyes showed anger while his face showed a smile. With a flick of his wrist he cracked the whip. Mercy's body shook when the tip of the whip slapped at her lush round ass. “I'm going to teach you a lesson. This will be painful. And yes I will enjoy it.” Mr. Eve walked behind her and grabbed a hand full of her hair. He yanked her head back and licked her left cheek.

Mercy tried to yank her face away. “Oh my, you never learn.” Mr. Eve yelled as he pushed her head forward. Mr. Eve took a step back as he brought his left arm down. Mercy's whole body jerked as the whip struck her back. He raised the whip again and slashed at her back again. Three more times he brought down the whip. Three long marks marked down Mercy's back. She bowed her head and cried her tears. Mr. Eve smiled as he cracked the whip once more and began to whip Mercy ten more times. He laughed as Mercy's screams rang off of the walls.

Part Four

Mr. Eve sat in the black armed chair. He sipped his red wine while he stared at Mercy's bloodied back. “Mmm, what a beautiful sight.” More tears clouded Mercy eyes as she shivered from the pain.

Mr. Eve stood behind her, he slathered on soothing cream over the long whip marks. “I don't want my pet to have any scars now.” He cooed. With a smile he set the bottle of cream down. He slapped Mercy hard on the ass making her yelp in pain. “ You'll do what I say. You'll call me My Lord and you won't swear. Do I make myself clear.” Mr. Eve said as he stood in front of her. He slapped the whip on his hand.

Mercy glared at him and nodded. Mr. Eve cracked the whip on her breasts. “Yes, My Lord.” She yelled out. Mr. Eve smiled as he gripped handfuls of her hair. With a loud groan he kissed her hard on the lips. With a moan he bit hard into her lower lip. He cupped her left breast tightly in his hand.

Mercy whimpered and moaned as she opened her mouth and sucked on his tongue. "Oh have Mercy.” Mr. Eve groaned as he reached behind him. He pulled on a lever, the chains dropped down bringing Mercy to her knees. “Suck on me, my Mercy.” Mr. Eve whispered as he pet her head like a cat. Mercy didn't want to but didn't want to be whipped again. Closing her eyes she took his large dick into her mouth. Mr. Eve yanked on her hair. Mercy forced her eyes open. She swirled her tongue over the swollen head and sucked.

Mr. Eve brought her head back and forth. He fell to his knees and moaned out loud. “Oh sweet Mercy, suck me harder.” He groaned out. Mercy sucked and licked him faster and harder. “ Oh, I'm cumming. Swallow it all my love.” Mr Eve gasped out as his whole body shook. Mercy felt his salty cum go down her throat. New tears formed in her eyes as she swallowed it all.

Mr. Eve pulled out of her mouth. “Good girl.” He cooed as he kissed her lips. He licked her lips then bit down hard on her lips making her yelp. “I'm tired lets go to sleep.” Mr. Eve stood up while he clapped his hands. The chains fell off of Mercy. She fell against him as he caught her against his chest. He lifted Mercy up into his arms and walked out of the punishment room to his. Mercy was too tired to fight and fell asleep. Mr. Eve laid her on his bed then wrapped chains around her legs and arms. He then laid next to her and held her tight in his arms. He smiled for he would play more tomorrow.

Part Five

Mercy awoke and moaned as Mr. Eve rubbed his thumb up and down her bulging wet cunt. The chains made a clanking sound as Mercy sat up. She didn't know why but she entangled one of her legs with his. She ground her pussy hard against his thumb. "Oh, Mercy likes, you're so wet." Mr. Eve stuck four fingers deeper into Mercy. Her eyes went wide. "Mmm yes My Lord!!!" Mercy gasped out loud as she rocked her hips hard against his thrusting hand.

Mr. Eve moaned as he came up to his knees and spread her legs wide open. "You look so delicious." He whispered as he eyed her shaven cunt hungrily. He gently pressed his face into her open lips and moaned. "You smell so good and feel so warm." Mr. Eve sniffed her honey scent. He opened his mouth and licked the inside of her clit. He moved his tongue up and down. Mercy arched her back as she came and shook with hard pleasure. Mr. Eve moaned out her name as he bit hard into the left side of her.

Mercy yelped in pain but groaned as he began licking her once more. He moved up and leaned forward. He wrapped Mercy's legs around his waist. He leaned forward and kissed Mercy hard on the lips. Mercy tried to move her head away. Mr. Eve took her left breast in his mouth and bit down hard. Mercy quickly looked him straight in the eye. "Sorry, my Lord. I'm sorry." Mercy whimpered as she took hold of his head and kissed his lips hard. Not taking her eyes away she opened his lips. She sucked on his tongue hard. Mr. Eve pulled away. " I'll let this one go." He said as he moved his lips to her neck. With his left hand he yanked her head back by her hair.

Mercy sighed in relieve then moaned again when he clasped her right breast tightly. "Oh I need to be in you ." Mr. Eve raised his hips then he thrust hard into Mercy's waiting wet pussy. "Oh Mercy. So tight ." Mr. Eve pulled out then thrust harder into her. Mercy once again wrapped her legs around his waist. In chains and all she let him ram himself harder and harder in her. She whimpered and cried out of pain and hard pleasure that shook her.

"Oh yes, yes yes oh my. My Lord!!!!!!" Mercy screamed out when Mr. Eve brought her to her climax. "Oh good girl Mercy. If I take of the chains will you promise not to escape." Mr. Eve whispered as he pulled out of her. Mercy nodded "Yes, my Lord." She whispered. He got up and walked behind the bed and hit a lever. The chains fell off and rolled under the bed. Mercy lifted her arms over her head and yawned. "Yes, nap time then." Mr. Eve said as he took her into his arms and laid back down on the bed. Mercy curled into him and clasped her hands tightly to her front. Mr. Eve kissed her on the head as he fell asleep unaware that Mercy held the front door key in her hands. Tomorrow I will escape. Mercy thought as she fell asleep.

Part Six

Mercy stood over Mr. Eve's bed. She had wrapped the chains tightly around his body. His legs and arms were chained to the bed. She walked over to his closet. She opened the door and smiled when she found something very sexy. I was going to escape but time for my own fun. Mercy thought as she closed the closet door.

Mr. Eve awoke to someone humming, "Please don't leave me." Sung by Pink. "What the fuck." He snarled when a whip lashed at his naked chest. "No, swearing." Mercy commanded. Mr. Eve's mouth opened in surprise.

Mercy stood in a dark violet lace corset. She also wore black garters with violet see though leggings. Also she wore black high heeled ankle boots. Her long dark brown hair was in an half bun. The rest of her hair cascaded down her back. "Mercy, where did you fi..." The whip slashed down again." Don't speak unless spoken to!" Mercy yelled as Mr. Eve pulled forward yanking hard the chains.

"Oh what a bad boy you are." Mercy purred as she straddled his waist. "Oh you're aroused by this. You bad boy." Mercy whispered as she grasped all nine inches of him. She pumped her hand up and down his large hard penis. " Oh no , you can't cum until I do." She purred as she grabbed his hand and pressed it into her wet pulsing cunt. "Mmm , naughty boy." Mercy said as she rocked her hips back and forth. She took three of his fingers deep into her. Mr. Eve gasped and breathed hard when she bent her head and took him fully into her mouth.

With a yelp of pleasure Mercy moved his hand. She replaced it with his jutting hard penis. She pulled up then came down hard on him. She leaned her head back while she rode him hard and fast. "Oh mmmm, oh yes my naughty naughty boy!!!!" Mercy screamed as she came with raw pleasure. With his eyes wider Mr. Eve screamed Mercy's name while he came with hard pleasure.

Mercy leaned forward. She kissed Mr. Eve hard on the lips. She pulled back with a smile. "That was fun my dear, but I have to go to work now." Mercy said as she off the bed and grabbed her black back pack and slipped into her black over coat. She walked out of the door.

Mr. Eve groaned his wife had turned the tables on him. He wasn't expecting this and she forgot to unlock the chains. He looked up at the dome like ceiling and took his still hard penis. Moaning he jacked off thinking of his wife's trickery.

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