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Review of a movie
I recently watched a movie involving the musical duo, Daft Punk. I have seen Interstellar 5555 which is about a band of blue skinned aliens who are the heroes of their planet who get kidnapped by an evil music mogul to exploit their music skills so he can become richer. Like Interstellar 5555 the movie Electroma has no dialogue.

The two movies involve Daft Punk and yet are very different. 5555 for example is animation and has a theme of tragedy but overall it ends with a happy and hopeful ending. Electroma on the other hand is simply sad and tearful.

Electroma is a tale about two robots on a journey to becoming human. They travel about in a ferrari and receive an operation to try and become human. They are rejected by the other robots who exile them and the operation has failed. The two robots then simply walk and walk to their tragic demise.

There is an sorrowful scene when the two robotic heroes have their human faces fail and fall off. There is no dialogue but I felt through music and how the robots were acting that both were extremely hurt and heart-broken.

There are long scenes of the Robots driving around and walking about. I felt that this was fitting, since they were both lost souls. At first they are optimistic and hopeful but afterwards they are melancholy and depressed.

The movie seemed to be about two robots wanting to become humans but when they attempt to become what they wish to be society rejects them and exiles them. The rest of the movie is about the robots attempting to deal with the failure and exile which ends in an tragic conclusion.

Overall Electroma needs patience to watch due to its long scenes of landscapes and driving about and walking but these scenes were truly beautiful. It is a very good movie if not a happy one but I felt a lot of emotion to the two main characters and cared about them. Hopefully daft Punk will make more movies in the future, they make unique movies that are good to watch.
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