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My nightmare
Blood, ash, limbs of men,women and kids littered the ground. Death was in the air; death and decay.

It burned at back of my throat and stung my eyes. It made me want to gouge my eyes out and rip my tongue. This crater that was once a city and now its a hole full of bodies.

I'm terrified to who would do such a thing.


"Can someone hear me"- I call desperately, I strain my ears to catch a sound but it was deathly quiet.

Where was I, all these bodies burned to a crisp, all this blood , this had to be a dream.

Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP....

I trip on a rock as I was walking backwards and fall into a sea of corpses the blood,the smell and the body parts were making me nauseating. I raise my head and I recognize a face.

My face pales and I feel all the blood leave my body,my mom..

My mom was murdered, there was so much blood on her and the worst part were her eyes they were wide open. They were so hollow and terrified and her mouth was opened in a silent scream.

I couldn't take it anymore , I fell down on my knees and I puked my guts out. Tears were streaming down my eyes and my throat was burning but I didn't even care and the fresh smell of decay wasn't helping my current condition.

I laid limply on the floor and I could see the sun coming up. Something bright flashed in my eyes ,it was a mirror. I went closer and saw myself in there... No, I couldn't see myself all I could see was a-a MONSTER.

Realization dawned upon me, the fangs,the blood on me,the nearly disfigured face of mine... I was the one who ripped their flesh,ate their soul and killed them all.

"no no this can't be happening "- I scream while pulling my own hair and scratching my face

" I didn't do it..... NOO".

I was breathing heavily I was in the verge of insanity or maybe passing out. All these bodies, all this blood-"I DIDN'T DO IT!" - I repeated

"Yes, you did it, you killed them all"- a menancing voice floated in my mind as he started to put the images of the macabre in my mind.. My eyes rolled to the back of my mind, blood gushed out of my mouth and I screamed loudly... I closed my eyes as to erase the images and when

I opened my eyes and I found myself in my room sweaty and crying...
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