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by Mary
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A small guide to moving on after headbutting on the brick wall of love
Most of you understand what I'm talking about by using the phrase "unrequited love".
I mean that type of "love"-if you can actually call it that- that leaves you drained at the end of the day,yet somehow keeps you going throughout the day with fake hopes.
So,what is unrequited love?
It is experiencing strong feelings for another individual and that person not responding positively to them.
The question is "How do i free myself from that situation?"
Because,believe me when i say that it is liberating in many,many ways.
And since i have found myself in a similar situation(for over three years,yes that's right.), I will share with you some tips.

The first step is acceptance.
Accepting the fact that you are in love with that person.
Then comes the difficult part.
Realising that the feelings you are experiencing are one-sided and imaginery.
You'll undestand what I am talking about in a moment.
Think about all the times you have thought about that person and smiled,because a memory of the past made its way through your brain neurons.And then you forget a little bit about your actual reality and smile and your heart beats faster,as if you can repeat the past, just like Gatsby wished he could do.
Truth is,you can't repeat the past.And also,the other person most likely doesn't even care about your feelings.

What comes after realising your situation? Time.Time is the key,not to forgeting ,but to moving on and easing the pain.
You will never forget how you felt about that person,or the happy memories you created with them,but you will have experienced so much more,that they will be burried deep,deep down your memory "card".

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