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by Sam
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A story about my families dog name Jack
Jack is my family's Mixed Terrier dog. My son Joe was seven years old,when he begged my husband and I for a dog. We searched several places and finally we adopted Jack from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Ma. He was nine weeks old and so tiny. The shelter told us he came in that day from Nebraska. When the adoption papers were all singed we took Jack to his new home.

Jack became comfortable right away. I have never had a dog as a pet, so it was a little bit of a challenge for me. House breaking him was my biggest challenge. Luckily,, my husband helped me.We made sure he went outside at least three or four times a day and my husband and I would take turns bringing him outside in the middle of the night. Soon he was house broken and Joe and I would take him to the park .Jack loved exploring the outside, everything was new to him. He liked to roll around on the grass and sniff everything in site.

Jack became a member of our family. I watched him grow from a small puppy who hardly made a sound, to an adult dog who barks very loud,( especially when he's hungry.) Jack made himself very comfortable when it came to sleeping. At first we put him in a crate with a warm blanket and some chew toys. For the first few nights he sat in that crate whimpering like a baby and his sad brown eyes were staring at me. I couldn't resist those sad eyes,so I gave in and he slept in the bed with my husband and I and we still wouldn't want it any other way.

Our four legged friend is a loving,loyal,protective animal. He is always happy to see us when we come home, that his tail is wagging a mile a minute. When Jack was a puppy, one of his favorite things,was to ride in the car. If we just said the word car he would look up with those curious eyes and waits for someone to get his leash. His favorite thing was to stick his head out of the car window and let his fur blow in the wind.

Jack is senior dog now and at the age of 15 years old has trouble getting into the car( we have to pick him up and put him in there) and it's harder for him to look out the window,but he still loves going for those rides.

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