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by Llya
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Sirrah's encounter with a drunken stranger
Cars zoom pass Sirrah, the time where some come home or go to work; 4:30pm. the way to her sister's boyfriend's barracks is about a 2 mile walk. Sirrah zips her jacket up and folds her arms, walking slowly and thinking. Across the street she sees Alchemy snuggled up at the kiddie park with a guy she likes. Alchemy waves to Sirrah and Sirrah waves back. Sirrah knew that Alchemy would call her later and tell her about what's going on or being said between her and the boy.

Sirrah makes it to the barracks and looks for the barracks number that her sister told her. Finding it, Sirrah knocks firmly on the door and waits. 15 minutes pass and someone answers the door. The someone must be her sister's boyfriend's roommate.

        He looks Sirrah up and down, "You looking for a good time?" He slurs while smiling.

        He reeked of booze, Sirrah shakes her head, "I am looking for my sister; Sydnie."

        He scoffs, "Psh, come on, baby." He slurs and sways back and forth then face plants right in front of Sirrah and in the doorway.

Sirrah's amber eyes widen, she slightly nudges the man with her foot. He doesn't budge, Sirrah peeks in the apartment, "Syd?"

        "Sirrah?" Sydnie calls out then comes to the door, buttoning her shirt. "What are you doing here?" She looks at the guy laid out in the doorway. "Ugh," She groans in disgust. "Brent, come get your roomie. He's passed out again!" Sydnie turns back to Sirrah.

        "Dinner. Mom wants you home." Sirrah says.

Brent comes through the living room and sees his roomie on the floor, "Ugh, I am waiting commands for a new roomie, he drinks too much." Brent complains while dragging his roomie half way into the living room, just enough to get him out of the doorway. With a huff he comes back and stands next to Sydnie, "You leaving, Sweetness?"


Brent removes the blonde hair out his eyes and plants a kiss on Sydnie's cheek causing Sydnie to giggle and Sirrah to look away.

        "See ya tomorrow." They say to each other.
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