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Im writing about SeKayi, her girlfriend KaNea,their children and their lives!!
SeKayi didnt know what was going to do next but she had to think of something because she was laying in bed with another woman. They had just made passionate love for the last three hours and now she felt bad because she loved her girlfriend but her work schedule was putting a stain on there relationship. Eversince their son Jeremiah died Sekayi had gotten closer to her friend and classmate Angela. At first it was just to talk and then the occasional coffee or dinner now it had lead to more, now they were laying in bed together. SeKayi never meant for it to go this far but it had so she had to do something to stop if from going any farther. SeKayi got up so she could shower and possibly make it to work on time, it was 5:45am and she needed to get ready. When she got out of the shower Angela was still asleep and she didn’t want to wake her so she just left and she decided she would text her later on. SeKayi got into her Red 2005 Ford Fusion and made her way to work. She thought about calling her girlfriend to see if she was on her way to school but she knew she would be upset with her so she didn’t call. Then she thought about calling her mom to see how the kids were doing but she didn’t because she felt bad for just dropping them off and leaving so she just drove the 45 minute drive to work in silence. SeKayi arrived just on time at 8:00am, no one else was there so she just sat in the car and reflected on what had just happened hours before. She couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into, she wanted to confess everything to KaNea but she was afraid of what her reaction would be. She knew at work wouldn't be the best place so she decided to tell her later on tonight. She was in such deep thought that she lost track of time. It was now 8:20am and she was still sitting in the car. Just as she was getting out of the car her phone rang, it was Angela. Baby why did you leave so early, I would of made you breakfast. SeKayi explained to her that she needed to get in the building and that she would talk to her later. As she was hanging up the phone KaNea pulled up in their 2007 Cobalt Blue Chevy Camry, she looked ehausted from work. As SeKayi stared at her she just wanted to cry because she knew she had hurt her. SeKayi went on with the day as normal, but what she had done was eating her up inside. She called her mom on her lunch break, she apologized for the way she just left the kids. She wanted to tell her mom about what she had done but she knew her mom would give her a lecture about cheating on KaNea and right now she didn't want to hear how wrong she was or that her relationship might just be over because she cheated. She felt so bad for what she did, she told her mom anyway. She stepped away from her desk and went into one of the offices. She started slowly, "Mom I didn't need time to myself last night, I had sex with one of my classmates last night." She waited on her moms response, the first thing she asked was does KaNea know? No mom she doesn't know yet I haven't told her. When I saw her this morning she looked so tired I just couldn't mess up day any more. "Mom what have I done?" I love KaNea with everything in me I just can't take this distance her job has created between us. SeKayi just started cry again because she just knew what she had done ruined her relationship. She told her mom she would call her later and she went to the restroom too clean up so she could work.

KaNea was so exhausted from work, she hated her new schedule because she didn't get to see her girlfriend or their kids as much as she needed or wanted to anymore. She was on doubles three times a week, she felt so bad because her mother-in-law had the kids so much and she knew she needed a break. KaNea did manage to do her homework while she was at work. As she dragged herself in the building thinking to herself she really just wanted to stay in the car and sleep, but she was paying to much for school to do that. The hours dragged on and finally it was time for a break, her,CheNea and a couple her girls walked to the store so they could wake up with some caffine. As they were walking back ChaNea notice that for some reason KaNea was extremely quite. So she asked you ok, you quite and that shit ain't normal. Yeah I'm just tired from working all these hours and coming here everyday. You working weekends too? Yeah, How do Kayi feel about that? She's not too happy but that nigga like money so she ain't complaining. So as her school day came to an end at 1:15pm she was so exhausted she couldn't drive all the way to Southfield, so she just crashed around the corner from the school at her cousin Peanut's place. When she got there she called SeKayi to tell her to just pick her up when she got off and she was just going to or leave he far there.
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