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Essay on the yellow fever phenomenon
Yellow fever: An attraction to asian women. Yellow being in reference to the skin colour that chinese people are usually referred as. Of course it also includes Thai, Vietnamese and other asians who are brown and not yellow.

There seems to be an attraction to asian ladies, by many western men. The arguments as to why this occurs varies.

I for one, believe that feminism has played a huge part. Feminism, with its teachings has turned many white men from white women. The white men who have attraction to asian females, may be seeking a different sort of woman. The sexual fetish towards asians, may come into being due to the stereotypes concerning asians.

For example, asian ladies are seen as submissive and obedient to a husband. There may be some element of truth in this, not due to any racial reason, but cultural reasons.

Western society has many great elements but negatives, for example, divorce has risen, less people are getting married, and there are more career minded women who shun making a family. In the asian lands, there is more traditional values being promoted and the asian woman has an increased chance of being more in strength in family values.

The attraction to asian women may simply be an urge, for a more traditional, family orientated lady.

The other options, the white western man may have is african women, but any african fever is less, I suspect this is due to negative image of africa in western culture. The other more traditional culture would be islamic. The negatives for this, for the white western man is quite easy to discover, Islamophobia, having to convert to Islam to marry and the huge negative portrayal of Islam in the western media.

The stereotypes towards asian ladies can be negative but in a way it is understandable. A balance should be found in woman. A woman should not be oppressed but should also be family orientated. Why not have a career and be mother?

The negative stereotypes towards a certain race or religion should be dealt with. The positive stereotypes can be irritating but as long as a lady is treated like an individual and not an object then it should be good.

Yellow fever in my personal opinion is not, an attraction towards asian women specifically but to a concept. The concept of a family values woman wanting to be a good wife and mother.
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