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A flash fiction
The dusk was upon them. The orange hue had spread across the desert land of Arizona. Anu felt his arms tightening around her, pulling her nearer as he joined her to watch the drowning orange across the blue umbrella. He kissed the throbbing nerves on her neck. She felt desire snaking through her yet again. Their love was insatiable. Never enough â like a greed possessing the soul of an innocent. She inhaled deeply, before turning to face him.

“It’s getting late, I’ve to make dinner.”

He nuzzled against her silken thread. “Can we not have another go? I want to hear your cries of ecstasy once more.”

“No, it’s really late. Moreover, Sujoy will be very hungry after his basketball classes.”

“Oh yes. “ He withdrew from her. She felt cold claws groping her naked skin. Shivering. she hugged the bed sheet around her as she made her way to the washroom. “Would you mind making the bed?”

“Don’t I always make it?” Shekhar laughed. “Can’t have little Sujoy questioning the grown up ethics, now can we?”

“Very funny.” Anu grinned as she padded bare-footed across to the washroom. The warm spray from the shower, loosened her tight muscles. She was always too tensed up. She knew she needed to loosen up. No more was there a financial constraint they had undergone a few years back. Her husband was earning good and Sujoy too had settled in a good school. Then why could she not settle down? Why was there always a gnawing desire clutching her heart. Will she ever find what she was looking for or will her life be always be like that of a hermit – searching for salvation. The sting of the water in her eyes brought her back to reality.

She quickly changed to a fresh set of jeans and a tee; and before leaving the washroom made sure everything was in place, with her clothes in the washing machine. A dab of foundation and lipstick added luster to her already glowing skin.

Shekhar had done the bed already. Quickly she sprayed some deodorant in the room and went out to search for Sujoy. Her 8year old was playing basketball outside. Seeing her he waved, “Ma, what have you made for dinner. I’m starving.”

Before Anu could reply, a Honda Civic winded up the driveway. Sujay shouted with happiness and ran towards the man getting down the car, “Dad, what have you got for me?”

“Hey Tiger,” laughed Arun. “Are you troubling your mom?”

“No, Dad,” said the innocent. “Mamma had a migraine attack the whole afternoon. She asked me to play outside and not trouble her at all. She came out just now. “

“Oh! Again?” asked Arun, his face full of concern. “Anu, you must get yourself checked up.”

“I will sweetheart, I will.” Anu smiled, relief dancing in her eyes as she hugged her husband.

Tomorrow will be another day.
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