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A story of a girl playing women's basketball.

Swish! I threw the basketball up, up in a rainbow arch and makes a hoop. I wished I could try out for women's basketball. It has been my dream since my brother started playing when I was seven. He taught me everything before the car crash. Now he can no longer teach me, but I know enough to enter basketball. My mom told me to join when I got in high school, and I think I might. My first day of high school starts in a week, so I'll sign up.

As soon as school starts I sign up for basketball. The first practice is next Friday after school. I practice my moves after school every day until Friday. On Friday I make the team! It took all my effort and I was exhausted when I got home! After a year or so, I am in varsity, and it's the big game.

The team against us was a team called the Butterflies. I make a few hoops, swish, but the other team always catches up to us. For a mere second I hear my brother in my head, cheering me on, "Go Annabeth!" Only a minute of the game left...with newfound courage and bravery, I run and make a move. Suddenly I get discouraged. I shot it from the wrong angle, didn't I? I close my eyes and wait for the embarrassing smack of the ball hitting the floor. But I didn't here a smack. Swish....

I scored enough points to win the game. I won it for my brother. I knew he would be proud.

The end
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