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A blog post which compares work done by India's PM Narendra Modi with computer skills.
int main()
printf(“Hello World”);
return 0;

It’s the simplest computer program in the WORLD which displays "Hello World" on computer screen or we can say it’s a traditional program for novice students to enter in the programming world.

Narendra Modi (15th Prime Minister of India) also entered in his election campaign by saying “Hello to the World”, via face-book, twitter, g+, using some other media and till now he is meeting with great personalities of other countries.

Now I would like to show some points where we can compare his ideas with programming concepts.

Open-source, it’s a very common phrase in computer software industry. Open-source refers to availability of a software program, openly to public for use or modifications.

Modi's open-source is www.mygov.in. According to him "the success of democracy is impossible without participation of the people". It is a path breaking platform between governance and general public for "jan-bhagidari". This website has various govt. project and plans having two domains "Discuss and Do", where we “the mango people” can discuss our ideas on various issues related to our country in Discuss section and can take action on the projects/plans in Do section. It also has a “creative corner”, where we can create logos,taglines,slogans,e-greetings etc.

Greedy algorithm-
July 08, day for railway budget and also my b'day *Smile*.
My dad called me and said "news dekhi ??? tere modi ne train ka kiraya badha dia hai."

Mera modi???? Ok ok... let's go through the problem...

Till now Indian railway was suffering from low investment, slow and congested network that was an obstacle in economic growth. Now here government took a decision/choice which gives immediate solution for betterment of trains,platforms,connection between various cities, mobile based wake-up call system, high speed trains and many more plans.

It was nothing but the famous Greedy algorithm in which we can make a choice that looks best at the moment and also provides an optimal solution of the problem.

Many Prime ministers has came and gone with various plans to clean India but neither of that worked. Modi backtracked from all that type of paths and reached at a solution that only we are responsible for this problem and only we can make it possible to clean India. And then he made a new mission by taking broom in his hand and gave it a name “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” or “Clean India campaign”, which then followed by many celebrities, govt. workers and youngsters.

This is also an algorithmic approach i.e. backtracking in which we can try different solutions until finds a solution that “works”.
We can see, it’s working.

Divide and Conquer-
Divide and conquer is also an algorithm that solves a problem in 3 steps.
(i) Break the problem in smaller sub-problems.
(ii) Solve the sub-problems.
(iii)Combine the solutions of sub-problems to create solution of the original problem.

Here is the implementation……

October 12, 2014 “The times if India” front page-----
“We are nearly 800 MPs, if we develop three villages each, we reach nearly 2,500 villages. If all states start a scheme for MLAs then 6000-7000 more villages can be added—PM Narendra Modi”.

So these are some examples where I saw algorithmic approaches in Mr.Modi's plans and tried to write this blog.

thnx for reading.... *Smile*
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