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a death of someone... for marrock
The two men stood there facing each other. Their eyes were locked on to each other as dawn began to break. Marrock stood his ground as Joshua dove for the cover of the shade from a pile of boxes, out of direct sunlight contact. Getting to his feet once again, Joshua grinned .
“Enjoy the Barbeque, Marrock,” He yelled towards Marrock as he stood unmoving as the sunlight struck him,” Sorry, I can’t join you.”
" You don't have to worry about me," He said cheerfully," It's you who has to worry."
Joshua sat there behind the safety of the boxes, thinking that he was sorry he couldn't watch the sunlight finish off this troublemaker and then he could get back to business. That's when Marrock walked over the pile of boxes and walked around the corner.Marrock began to laugh mockingly at his former protégé, as he realized that sunlight isn’t deadly to him at all.
“B...B...But how?” Joshua exclaimed as he realized how much of a bad spot he was in.
Marrocks laughter dropped off, as he walked over to where Joshua was hiding from the sun. Then slowly he knealt down and looked Joshua directly in the eye.
“You see,Joshua,” Marrock stated with no uncertainty in his voice,”Unlike my children, and humanity, I am a perfect creation of The creator, and death cannot have me nor can I be killed, except by his hand himself.”
Marrock placed his hand on Joshua’s shoulder and lifted him into the warmth of the sunlight. Joshua, had picked up a piece of wood and shoved it into Marrocks chest Piercing his heart.
Marrock screamed in pain ,but did not release Joshua. The burning process had begun in Joshua as his skin began to darken and smolder, Joshua’s voice could be heard above every other sound, as blindling pain began to rip through his body. Then with a sudden burst of energy, Joshua burst into flame and his entire body burn to ash within seconds.
Now free, Marrock stumbled back behind the shed just as John ran to his aid. John had caught his mentor, as his weakened body got weaker and was not able to stand any longer.
“I got you,Marrock,” John said as he gently laid him down onto the ground, “ How ya doin buddy?”
Marrock looked up at john, and tried to laugh,” you know, doc, I got the pain in my chest.”
“Don’t worry about that,boss,we will get you fixed up quick,” Marrock’s body wrenched in pain as John reached up wrapped his hand around the wood sticking out of his chest and began to pull slowly, only to be stopped by Marrock
“No,John,” Marrock said, withdrawing his hand from the stake,” This is the end, and you need to let me go too.”
“No!” John refuted,”No! I will not let you go, Boss.”
“John,” Marrock struggled to talk, ”you have been a good friend, a follower, and a believer but the fight must end and life goes on.”
Several cars screeched their tires to a halt surrounding the two men.
“Freeze!” several men screamed as the got out and aimed their weapons at the men.
After the men stopped yelling at John, they told him to put his hands in the air and step over to the cruiser, to which he gently place Marrock’s head on the ground and complied. The police grabbed him and put him up against the car and searched him for weapons began to cuff him and stuff him into the back of the cruiser, only to be stopped by detective Miller.
The two men began to talk, and after explaining to the good dective the whole situation. He wiped the tears away as he recalled what the events were that brought him here and how his beat friend had died in his arms. Johns expression went blank when he glanced back over to where Marrock had died only to see the wooden stake sitting on the ground with a small note attached to it.
He and Miller ran to the spot where the chaulk outlined where the body was when the police had arrived.
“What is it John?” miller asked not understanding why he ran over here.
John had picked up the note and read it, smiled and handed the note to miller to read.
“I’m sorry, my friend, for deceiving you about my whole life there is much you can not under stand. But I was not lying to you when I said this fight is over….. because it is, for you. I must continue this fight on my own, this is not your fight and where I am going you would not survive. Please stay well, you are still my best friend I have ever had.
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