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Flash Fiction Entry <300 words - What's in a name?
Many children are named after relatives; some are named after celebrities or historical figures. Lily was named after a cat.

When Lily's mother, Amanda, was 12 years old, her boyfriend Frank had given her a small, white kitten. After hours of discussion and debate, they decided to name her Lily. Only three months later, Frank's family suddenly moved away, and Amanda never saw him again. She cherished her kitten, and doted on it. As time passed, and Amanda grew through the drama, anger, and angst which comprise the teenage years, her cat became Amanda's companion, confidante, and closest friend. Then one day, during her junior year at college, Amanda's mother had called to tell her that Lily had passed away the night before. She had curled up on her favorite spot on the chair in Amanda's room, and had died in her sleep.

Years later when her own daughter was born, Amanda could think of no name dearer to her than "Lily". Ironically, Lily never had a cat, or any other animal. Born with a genetic disorder, her immune system was seriously compromised. At the age of four, Lily had already spent as much time in the Pediatric ICU as she had at home. This time she had been there six days.

It was about two in the morning, and the hospital was dark, and filled with the eerie silence which is unique to hospitals late at night. Lily fought her way up from the fever consuming her, and opened her eyes. She saw a beautiful lady standing beside her, smiling.

"I know who you are!" Lily said weakly, "I've heard all about you! Your name is Lily just like me!".

"Yes it is, little one", the angel replied softly, taking Lily's hand, "Yes it is".

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