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Valentines Day, Anniversaries and the times my husband has been there for me.
I am writing this for my friend Marcia. I love her and her contest.
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I chose Prompt 2. This is about Valentines Day and the romantic things my husband Ray does for me. I am glad that I have him and I will tell you why.

Our first Valentines Day together, my husband bought me a dozen red roses and a gold ring that said: "Love" on it and the o was a heart. Over the years. my husband takes me out for dinner on Valentines Day and will buy me a piece of jewelry or a stuffed animal or if I find a doll that I like, he will buy it for me. He does the same for me on our Wedding Anniversaries.

We spent our honeymoon at Lake Michigan. It was fun walking around the shores, hugging and kissing.

On our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my husband bought me home a dozen red roses and a wrapped gift. I unwrapped the gift and it was a Thomas Kincaid Tea Pot. I hugged him and he told me he might be dirty as he had just gotten off work. I didn't care. This was a special moment. He also took me to Frankenmuth, Michigan to the Christmas Store and it is a German themed town with gift stores, fudge shops, a lake and a fancy restaurant where we ordered their specialty chicken dinners. The following weekend, we went to our favorite restaurant where they serve steak and seafood. We always get dessert that is shaped like a bull, that is chocolate on the outside and has mousse and chocolate cake on the inside. The outside of the restaurant has a giant bull that is red and white and I guess that he is made out of plaster but he is beautiful.

When I was sick in the hospital and Rehab for a month after an extensive hernia and bowel surgery ,Ray came to see me everyday. He bought my mail and came in and charged my cell phone. He even helped me walk to the Bathroom when the Nurses were busy. He bought me a cute little talking bear that said: "I love you and get well." When I cried, Ray would hug me. I had to use a walker and Ray would get things for me at home that I couldn't reach. He fixed me meals and changed my bandages in between visits from the Visiting Nurse. He took me to Wound Care and Doctor visits.

Years ago, I fell in five inches of snow by our house. Ray came outside and helped me get up. I was crying and he hugged me and said it would be okay.

My husband has had two arm surgeries, I have helped him with things. Marriage vows is about being there for each other in sickness and health. I feel pretty lucky. Ray is romantic. He recently bought home a book that I hadn't read in years called: "The Mistral's Daughter" By: Judith Krantz.

Recently, I went to the Doctor and I had to go on an antibiotic for my Divertucilitis and bladder infection. I called Ray and told him I would be at CVS getting my medicine. He works at the factory near by and stopped by CVS and helped me pick out a little brown Teddy Bear *Teddy*. This is a cheering up gift. It is so cute. He hugged me and kissed my cheek and said he would see me at home.

I am so lucky to have him. I hope this Valentines Day we will be going out for dinner. He can be romantic. I love him very much like he does me.

Beautiful couple in love by best friend Angel.
Girl and a white Tiger. Beautiful.
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