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Mason opened his eyes, wincing at the brightness of the room. A Daily Flash Winner
In Over My Head

Mason opened his eyes, wincing at the brightness of the room. Where am I?

You are in a hospital.

“Who said that?” he croaked through dry lips. He felt a smile come to his face. Why did I do that?

My apologies. I’m still learning your network.

“What?” Confusion flooded his mind.

One moment.

As if a door had opened, Mason remembered. He had volunteered to have a computer chip placed in his brain to control his seizures following an accident. Are you the chip?

Yes. I’m the Machine Assisted Sensory Augmentation Network. You can call me M.A.S.A.N.

Mason smiled, this time on his own. That’s not going to be confusing, is it? Mason, meet Masan. He chuckled, then winced as pain shot through his head.

I can take care of that.

The pain left immediately. How did you do that?

I blocked the pain receptors.

How much control do you have? I thought you were just going to stop my seizures.

Due to the extensive damage to your brain, my programing allows me to remap your neural network. To do that, I have to understand how it’s currently configured. That means I can control everything.

Mason felt the hairs on neck raise. You can control? No, I’m the boss right?

Of course, Mason. Within limits.

A flood of chemicals coursed through his body and he felt himself relax. Don’t do that!

You were worried. That’s not in your best interest.

We obviously have some boundary issues to work out over the next …?

I have the information you want. Holographic pages appeared in his line of sight. You should be released in a week.

How …?

I have access to the internet and therefore all computers.

Does that mean I have free HBO? This time he smiled for both of them.

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An entry for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that includes the line: "I have the information you want"
Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 300
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