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Cindy gets more than she bargains for when she meets a mysterious, beautiful woman.
         A simple kiss turned into a what was suppose to be a hot rough night of pleasure for Cindy and her mystery woman who had not given her name, saying that it can be whatever Cindy would like it to be. The beautiful woman was named to be Mary according to Cindy. Mary was in a tight black dress that went lovely with her red hair and gray eyes that pierced your soul. Cindy on the other hand was just dressed in skinny jeans and a low-cut shirt. Crashing into the apartment, trying not to break the kiss, they fell onto the soft silky blankets. Mary skillfully got the jeans off Cindy, while a not so skillful Cindy had trouble getting her shirt off. Mary’s hands went up the shirt to get it off, giving Cindy a playful squeeze on her right breast. Cindy was now only in pure white undergarments, giving her partner the feeling to take away whatever was left of her innocence, despite this not being Cindy’s first time. The pale hand ran up Cindy’s thigh. Their lips clashed once again, tongues dancing with each other, but also fighting for dominance. The black dress slowly started to fall off Mary, revealing that she had a black and red corset underneath. Cindy couldn’t help but to stare in awe and lust. She soon snapped out of it when she felt a nip on her neck. Blood mixed with saliva ran down her neck. A sense of fear but excitement ran through her. She let out a moan as Mary sucked on her neck, lapping up the blood.

         “Are you ready for the real fun, my kitten” Mary cooed. Cindy rapidly nodded her head yes. Mary smirked and her now seemingly sharp nails started to dig into the poor girls skin. Cindy now realized what type of position she had gotten into. The mystery woman meant to actually hurt her and she couldn't escape with the stronger woman on top, straddling her. Demon like wings started to extrude from her back along with a tail. She slashed Cindy’s once pretty face with her now sharpened claws. The blood splattered on Mary’s face, who had an insane smile on her face. She slowly gouged out one of Cindy’s emerald eyes making her scream out in pain. This only made Mary’s smile grow larger. She loved the screamers and the false hope it gave to the victims, making them think someone will actually come and save them. Ha, by the time someone did, she would be long gone. She cut off Cindy’s bra along with some skin. Only sadists could love what happened next. She plunged one of her claws directly into both of her nipples, twisting her claws a bit to get them out. Unfortunately for Cindy, the claws didn't go deep enough to kill her. The tail went inside Cindy ripping the panties, pumping in and out, each time scratching her vaginal walls making them bleed. She grabbed a handful of the brown locks as she went faster, eventually pulling out a chunk of her hair. As she calmed down, Cindy was hanging onto life by a thread. She swiftly dug her hand into the chest of the dying woman and tore out her heart. The woman got up, and put her dress back on, putting the lock of hair, eye, and heart as a souvenir in her purse. She flew out the window in search of another victim who was to fall to her succubus powers.
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